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International sales manager

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Competence for a post:
1、Food science, chemistry, biology, international trade, or English major、 CET 6 or above、 Proficient in English、
2、Good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork、
3、8yrs or more experience of food ingredient or food additive sales、 Understanding of international food industry and certain information resources are required、 Familiar with import and export process、
4、 More than 3yrs management experience in the same position、
Job Description:
1、 Development of international market;
2、 Product promotion and after-sales;
3、 Collection of market information;
4、 To cooperate with R&D team to serve the customers better;
5、 Building and management of international sales team。
Place: xiamen
Salary: negotiable
Other benefits:
1. Working hours: Eight hours per day five days per week
2. Five social insurance and one housing fund will be submitted upon entry
3. Annual leave, welfare physical examination, holiday gift, birthday gift, phone allowance, meal allowance, team building, etc
Contact number: 18020668663 

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