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2018 South American International Food Ingredients and Technology Exhibition FISA

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一、Exhibition name and scale
The 2018 South American International Food Ingredients and Technology Exhibition was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from August 21st to 23rd. The exhibition gathered more than 750 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors, including Pepsi, Dr. Otto, Kellogs, For well-known brands such as Unilever and Nestlé, 85% of the audience have important decision-making power. Brazil is currently the fourth largest food and beverage market in the world, with sales second only to the United States, China and Japan. Fi South America has become an important gathering place for top food and beverage experts around the world, and with the large number of Chinese exhibitors and visitors in recent years, the demand for Oriental food in the Brazilian market is also increasing, plus local food The rapid development of the industry, the rapid growth of Brazil will provide many excellent opportunities for import and export.
二、 The booth number of Greenfresh Group: 13-42, 20㎡
三、Show sample details
soft candies detailed model taste
soft candies  detailed  model  taste
Cola soft candies  RQ015-2 Cola Flavor
Passion Fruit Gummy RC043  Passion Fruit + Juice
Bionic fruit jelly RQ035 grape, mango
Coconut Cake  RR013  Coconut Flavo
Sandwich soft candies  RP040/Sandwich RJ030    
Agar soft candies RC038  Passion Fruit
Bionic Mango soft candies RS025-1  Mango flavor
Jelly  melts in the mouth (orange flavor)  GT113  orange flavor
drinkable frozen  FG-L17X litchi flavor
Low price jelly  GP126 mango
Lollipop  mango lactic acid bacteria (low end) DQB503-1  mango lactic acid bacteria
四、Exhibition pictures



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