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2018 American IFT Food Technology Exhibition

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
The 2018 American Food Science and Technology Exhibition IFT was held in Chicago, July 16-18. The American IFT Food Technology Exhibition is hosted by the American Food Technology Association and is held in turns in different cities in the United States each year. The annual IFT Food Technology Exhibition is the world's largest and most influential food additives and ingredients industry exhibition held concurrently with the IFT annual meeting. The content of the exhibition is mainly about food additives, food ingredients, testing instruments and new technologies in the food industry. Each year's IFT exhibition is a feast of technology and commerce, from R&D, production, quality assurance, marketing, management, sales, etc. Experts in the field gathered together. They are either enterprises, research institutes or government departments.
The 2018 IFT exhibition has a net area of ??280,000 square feet. A total of 11,755 exhibitors from 1241 exhibitors came to participate, and more than 23,205 professional visitors from more than 90 countries around the world came to visit. There are more than 100 exhibiting companies in China, reflecting the enthusiasm of Chinese companies for the US market. Most of the products produced and sold by these domestic enterprises involve the field of food additives, such as sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and fragrances, colloids, amino acids, vitamins, dehydrated vegetables, etc. According to the survey statistics of the exhibitors by the organizer, 68% of the exhibitors found new products; 58% of the people met with the current suppliers, and 53% of them found new suppliers. 43% of exhibitors indicated that they would purchase at least one product or service at the show. During the exhibition, more than 1,500 professional visitors from the United States, Europe, Mexico, South America and other countries and regions were received. Most companies indicated that they will continue to participate in the exhibition over the years.
二、 The booth number of Greenfresh Group: S2277, S2377
三、 Show sample details
soft candies  detailed  model  taste
Cola soft candies  RQ015-2  Cola Flavor
Coconut Cake  RR013  Coconut Flavor
Starch mold (filled candy) LX118-R/RJ030  yogurt + green apple
Bionic Mango soft candies RS025-1 Mango flavor
Jelly  melts in the mouth (orange flavor)  GT113  orange flavor
Coconut Pudding  GB115  Coconut
Popsicle  Lactic Acid Bacteria (High-end) DQB503  Lactic Acid Bacteria
With fruit jam  DQB502  strawberry flavor
Meat products  Low-grade chicken balls  HW304   ------
HW304胶体丸子 HW304  
Vegetable Cake  HW304   ------
四、 Exhibition pictures


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