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2018 Vietnam Food Ingredients Exhibition

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一、  Exhibition name and scale
Exhibition time: May 16-18, 2018, the exhibition venue is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The FIV exhibition has a total of 600 booths and more than 500 exhibitors from Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia , Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and more than 20 countries and regions, attracting 10,000 professional traders.
Through its 20 years of professional exhibition service and exhibition operation experience, the organizer provides a good platform for food manufacturers, food raw materials and additive suppliers to exchange the latest product and technology trends. The exhibition fully includes the three major exhibition themes of Natural Food Ingredients-Natural Ingredients, Food Ingredients-Food Ingredients, and Health Food Ingredients. As natural and healthy organic foods gradually become the main trend of the development of the food industry, the focus of the audience is more clear. Perfectly present the development trend of the food industry.
二、 Greenfresh Group Booth No.: C27
三、 Show sample details
soft candies  detailed  model  taste
Lemon Gummy  RQ015 Lemon Flavor
Cola soft candies  RQ015-2  Cola Flavor
Coconut Cake RR013 Coconut Flavor
Passion Fruit Cake  RCS Passion Fruit
Orange flavor  SSG Orange flavor
Blackcurrant  WSH1011-1  Blackcurrant flavor
Strawberry flavor  RC017  Strawberry flavor
Corn Flavor  SDJ (New)  Corn
Bionic Mango soft candies  RS025-1  Mango flavor
Jelly  melts in the mouth (orange flavor)  GT113 orange flavor
Drinkable jelly  FG-L17X  litchi flavor
Low price jelly  GP126 strawberry
Bionic Mango soft candies  GX129  Mango flavor
Mango (15% Juice) Shake Jelly  GY1008-3  Mango Flavor
Popsicle  Popsicle Plum  DQB501  Plum Flavor
Mango lactic acid bacteria (low-end)  DQB503-2 Mango lactic acid bacteria
Lactic acid bacteria (high-end) DQB503  Lactic acid bacteria
With fruit jam  DQB502  strawberry flavor
Meat Products  Shrimp Balls HB304   ------
Fish Sausage  FH-G01S   ------
Low-grade chicken balls HW304   ------
Instant Fish Ball HG302   ------
Instant Fish Sausage HG302   ------
四、  Exhibition pictures


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