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2018 China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition FIC

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
The world's largest China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2018) was held on March 22-24, 2018 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai! This exhibition has created the largest scale since the FIC exhibition was held, which is 10% larger than the previous one! The total exhibition area reaches more than 116,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors reaches 1402.
The FIC2018 exhibition is divided into an international exhibition area, extracts, functional ingredients, health products, natural products exhibition area, comprehensive product exhibition area, flavor and spices and seasonings exhibition area, machinery equipment and food safety testing equipment exhibition area, 5 professional exhibition areas are displayed in zones, forming food The three major sectors of industrial raw and auxiliary materials (functional food ingredients), food industry machinery and equipment, and food industry innovation technologies serve the best situation of the food industry in a comprehensive manner. The five major exhibition halls gather more than 1,400 international and domestic exhibitors. At that time, global industry leaders will gather together to display the continuously improved product level, fully display the supply-side reform achievements, and comprehensively interpret the FIC exhibition commerce, technology, information exchange, The value of the brand exhibition with innovative development and full service coverage shows unlimited business opportunities!
二、 The booth number of Greenfresh Group: 61O20/61P21, 150㎡
三、 Show sample details
Sample detailed model  taste
Fondant  Double Layer Yokan  RC017  Red Bean and Green Bean
Cola flavor soft candies  RQ015-1  Cola Flavor
Lemon soft candies  RQ015  Lemon Flavor
Casing soft candies (taste to be determined)  RQ015  Blackcurrant
Bionic Mango soft candies  RS025-1 Mango flavor
Tamarind Cake  RFO23  Tamarind
Caramelized coconut cake RR013  Caramelized coconut flavor
Hawthorn Soft candiesFondant SSG Hawthorn Flavor
Passion Fruit Cake  RCS  Passion Fruit
Starch mold (filled candy)   LX128-F (skin)  yogurt + grape
RJ030 (filled)
No baking (manual molding)  LX128-D  kiwi
No baking (disposing type)  LX128-J black currant
Jelly  melts in the mouth (orange flavor) GT113  orange flavor
Low price jelly  GP126  strawberry
Hawthorn Soup GS124 Hawthorn
Crisp Jelly  GX119  Apple
Bionic Mango drinkable jelly  GX129  Mango flavor
Drinkable Jelly  FG-L17X  litchi flavor
DIY jelly GQ123-1 grape flavor GQ123-1  grape flavor
Coconut pudding  GB115  
Mango (30% Juice) Shake Jelly  GY1008  Mango Flavor
Popsicle  Popsicle Lactic Acid Bacteria (High-end) DQB503 Lactic Acid Bacteria DQB503 Lactic Acid Bacteria
Mango lactic acid bacteria (low-end)  DQB503-2 Mango lactic acid bacteria
With fruit juice and jam (green plum)  DQB501  green plum
With fruit juice and jam (strawberry) DQB502 strawberry DQB502 strawberry
Suspension Drink
 Aloe Vera 
YGX202  Aloe
Coconut fruit granules  YGX202-2  fruit
beverage Bionic fruit pulp  YMF207   ------
Chocolate milk  YRQ202  chocolate
Lactic acid bacteria drink YR201  Lactic acid bacteria
Banana milk  YRX203 banana
Konjac brewed beverage YSM206  lemon flavor
Ice Cream (Main Push)   Pure Vegetarian Ice Cream  DBX565 Peanut Coconut Milk
Collagen Fruit and Vegetable Ice Cream 
DBX564 Fruit and Vegetable Flavor
Probiotic Ice Cream  DBX566  Lactobacillus
High Fiber Ice Cream DBX560  Honeydew Melon
Crispy Popsicle  DF569  Plum
Slow-melting  DBX572 milk
Lahua  DBX555 Chocolate
Beans (green beans, red beans)  DF567  green beans
Low-end ice cream  DBX563  vanilla
Filled ice cream  DJ568 yogurt + strawberry
Jam  strawberry JG906  strawberry
Pineapple  JG905 Pineapple
Meat Products  Chicken Ball HW307   ------
Shrimp Ball HB304   ------
Instant Fish Ball HG302   ------
Instant Meat Ball HG302   ------
Pop Corn Chicken HG313   ------
Fish Sausage FH-G01S   ------
Black pepper sausage HG302-A   ------
Taiwan sausage FH-G01   ------
Sandwich Sausage FH-W305S   ------
Sausage HG302-B   ------
Vegetable Cake HW304   ------
Konjac Bionic Vegetarian  Konjac Powder   ------
Filled Meatballs HB309   ------
四、 Exhibition pictures


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