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India Food Ingredients Exhibition 2017

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
Fi India 2017 was held in Mumbai, India from November 9-11, and the on-site exhibits covered food additives, acidulants, amino acids and derivatives, antioxidants, baked goods, meat products, and cereals. , Cheese food, food coloring, fermented food, dairy products, poultry and egg products, emulsifiers, fiber foods, seafood, flavors and fragrances, fruit and vegetable products, gelling agents, herbs and seasonings, egg yolks, poultry products, dairy products, Minerals, nut foods, organic food ingredients, preservatives, proteins, flavoring agents, soy products, starch and its products, edible sugar and syrup. There are more than 200 exhibitors at this exhibition, and the three days of the exhibition attracted from India, the United States, More than 6,000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries such as Singapore, Arabia, and Italy attended the meeting, of which more than 85% of the visitors came from corporate procurement and decision-making, of which 37% were manufacturers, 13% were distributors, and 13% were information Service provider.
二、 Greenfresh Group Booth No.: G17
三、 Show sample details
Meat   colloid model used
Ready-to-eat Fish Sausage  FH-G01S
Sausage      FH-R09
Low-end chicken balls  HW304
Fish Ball  HW304
Vegetable cake HW304
Vegetarian sausage  HW303
Soft candies/Jelly  Model
Fruit Juice Soft Candies RQ015-1
lactobacillus Flavor Gummy RR013
Mango Flavor Gummy  RS006
 Orange Juice Gummy    RQ015
Coconut Cake Gummy   RR013
Pudding  GB115
Drinkable Jelly    FG-L17X
Orange Popsicle DQB502
Mango Flavor Popsicle DQB501
Lactobacillus flavor popsicle DQB503-2
 Exhibition pictures


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