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2017 European International Food Ingredients and Technology Exhibition(FIE)

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一、 Exhibition Overview
The European International Food Ingredients Exhibition is held every two years. In 2017, the exhibition was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 28th to 30th. The exhibition is currently the largest internationally-integrated professional exhibition integrating food ingredient suppliers, ingredient technology exporters, and food ingredient buyers. It has become an irreplaceable top trade summit with the highest awareness in the field of food ingredients. While introducing the latest foreign technologies and products, food ingredient companies have also increased their efforts to explore the international market.
In 2017, the total area of ??the exhibition was 80,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,800 exhibitors and more than 26,000 professional visitors from 119 countries and regions, of which 78% of the visitors had the right to purchase, and 29% of the visitors had a budget of more than 500,000 EUR. Source of visitors: Food manufacturers, food ingredient distributors, retailers, food education and training experts, product packaging, food safety testing, quality control and service experts, consulting companies, government and business associations, colleges and scientific research units , Related media.
二、 The booth number of Greenfresh Group: 09.0G65, 42㎡
三、Show sample details
Finished product of compound gelling agent for soft candies 
Product Name      Model              Features
Jujube gummy RG012   Jam-like
Blackcurrant flavor gummy RQ015-1 Soft elastic
Lactobacillus flavor gummy   RR013  Tough elastic
Orange flavor gummy RQ015     Elastic
Mango flavor gummy    RS006  Taste like mango flesh
Finished product of compound gelling agent for jelly 
Product Name                       Model          Features
High transparency jelly     GT113 ender and no syneresis
Pudding    GB115 Tender, smooth and no syneresis
Drinkable jelly                         FG-L17X  Drinkable
Dairy products/sauces Model
Mango Flavored Popsicle with Mango Jam DQB501
Plum flavor popsicle with plum sauce DQB502
Yakult flavored popsicle with milk DQB503-2
Plain ice cream DBX560
Vanilla ice cream DBX564
Chocolate flavor ice cream DBX559-A
Meat products  Model
Ready-to-eat Fish Sausage FH-G01S
Sausage   FH-R09
Chicken Ball   HW304
Fish Ball   HW304
Vegetable cake HW304
Vegetarian sausage HW303
Sandwich sausage  HW304
四、 Exhibition pictures


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