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2017 Fi Asia

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
Fi Asia (Thailand), the 2017 International Food Ingredients Exhibition, will take place on September 13-15, and the venue will be Bangkok, Thailand. The 2017 exhibition attracted 891 exhibitors and more than 20,142 visitors from more than 70 countries. Through its 20 years of professional exhibition service and exhibition operation experience, the organizer provides a good platform for food production enterprises, food raw material and additive suppliers to communicate the latest product and technology trends. The exhibition fully includes three major exhibition themes: Natural Ingredients, Food Ingredients, and Health Ingredients. With natural and healthy organic foods gradually becoming the main trend of the development of the food industry, the focus of the audience is more clear. Perfectly present the development trend of the food industry.
二、 Greenfresh Group booth number: G30
三、 Show sample details
Exhibits :Finished products of compound gelling agent for soft candies and jelly 
Product Name                           Type                   Product Name            Type                     Features
Fruit Juice Soft Candies           RQ015-1 Coconut jelly gummy RR013 brittle
Lactobacillus  Gummy  RR013 fruit juice jelly RQ015-1     Soft elastic
Mango gummy     RS006 Lactic acid bacteria RR013 Elastic
Sweet orange gummy RQ015 Mango gummy  RS006 Taste like Mango flesh 
Coconut pudding gummy RR013 Sweet Orange Gummy          RQ015   Elastic
Pudding GB115 Pudding GB115 Tender, no syneresis
Drinkable Jelly FG-L17X Drinkable Jelly FG-L17X smooth
  Product name of meat products      Type   
Vegan sausage HW304  
Vegetable cake  HW304  
Sausage   FH-R09  
Fish Bal HW304  
Instant Fish Sausage    FH-G01S
Low-end chicken balls  HW304
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