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2017 The First Cross-Strait Food Fair and The Fourth Fujian-Taiwan (Quanzhou) Food Fair

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
Co-sponsored by the Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Exchange Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Enterprise Service Center, Fujian-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Promotion Committee, Fujian Food Industry Association, Taiwan Food Development Association, Taiwan Whole Plant Development Association, Europe-China Food Exchange Cultural Association The first cross-strait food fair and the fourth Fujian-Taiwan (Quanzhou) food fair were held on July 27-29 at the SM International Exhibition Center and Baixiang Century Hotel in Jinjiang, the brand capital of China.
On the basis of the successful holding of the previous three Taiwan-Taiwan (Quanzhou) Food Fairs, this food fair has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce after careful planning and full promotion, and has been officially upgraded to a "national name" professional brand exhibition; With an exhibition area of ??40,000 square meters and 1,800 standard booths, it is an important exhibition platform for the Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to respond to the appeal of the food industry in Jintai and Taiwan, and to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between Jinjiang Food and the food industry at home and abroad, especially Taiwan. Help Jinjiang food enterprises expand domestic and overseas markets, lead and promote Jinjiang food enterprises to connect with advanced equipment and applicable technologies in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries, and drive innovation and transformation of Jinjiang food industry.
2. Greenfresh Group booth number: D112-D113
二、  Greenfresh Group booth number: D112-D113
三、how sample details
Name  Colloid type
Orange flavored freezie (with milk)  DQB503
Suspended beverage YGX202-1
Ketchup JG901
Pineapple sauce (baking avaliable) JG905
Strawberry jam JG906
Compound thickener JG901
Compound thickener JG905
Compound thickener JG906
四、 Exhibition pictures


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