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Food ingredients China(FIC)2017

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一、 Exhibition name and scale
The 21st China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC) 2017 was grandly held in National Exhibition Convention Center Shanghai from 24th to 26th March 2017, with a total of 1355 exhibitors. FIC exhibition has been recognized by the industry at home and abroad for its characteristics of excellent quality, internationalization, specialization and branding. It has become the largest, most international and most authoritative professional brand exhibition in the food additives and ingredients industry in Asia. It becomes an indispensable international communications and procurement platform in the food additives and ingredients industry.
The FIC was held in the National Exhibition Convention Center Shanghai for three days. The four exhibition halls welcomes thousands of professional visitors from 62 countries and regions, with 53478 person-times regestered. The total area of ??the exhibition is about 106,000 square meters. There were 1,365 exhibitors at home and abroad, including 415 in the international exhibition area and 950 in the domestic exhibition area. Many well-known companies on all five continents were present.
二、  Greenfresh Group booth No.: 52H20/52J21, 180㎡
三、 Show sample details
Product name      
Compound soft candy powder RR013 Coconut Cake Gummy
Compound soft candy powder RG012 Durian Cake Gummy
Compound soft candy powder RQ015 Fruit Juice Soft Candies
Compound soft candy powder RP007-1 Sweet Potato Gummy
Compound soft candy powder RC009 Casing soft candies
Compound soft candy powder LM701   Dumplings
Compound soft candy powder LM702 Noodles
Compound soft candy powder LF703A/LF703B Bread
Compound meat gelling agent FH-R09 Sausages
Compound meat gelling agent HG302 Ready-to-eat products
Compound meat gelling agent HG313 Processed meat products
Compound meat gelling agent HB304   Stuffing in Meatball or Dumplings
Compound meat gelling agent HW305 Heat-irreversible products
Compound thickener YR201 Lactobacillus drink
Compound thickener DQB503   Freezie
Compound thickener NF601  Yogurt
Compound thickener YZD211  Vegetable protein beverages
Compound thickener YFD221 Breakfast milk
Compound Jelly Powder GP111 Ordinary Jelly Powder
Compound Jelly Powder GB112  Pudding powder
Compound Jelly Powder FG-T High transparency jelly powder
Compound Jelly Powder FG-L17X   Drinkable jelly powder
Compound thickener    JG901  Tomato Sauce
Compound thickener    JG905 Savoury sauce
Compound thickener    JG906  Strawberry jam
Compound thickener    DBX504  Cups ice cream
Compound thickener    DBX505 Glazed ice cream
Compound thickener    DF506 Old style popsicle
Compound thickener    DB501 Ice cream
四、 Exhibition pictures


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