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Greenfresh Group undertook the 2015 Jelly Summit

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From June 15th to 16th, 2015, the Summit Forum of China Baking Sugar Association Jelly Professional Committee and Leisure Food Standard Committee Jelly Standard Working Group meeting was held in Xiamen, a beautiful island city. There are more than 30 participating companies in the industry and 100 participants. At the meeting, Lin Yuming, Secretary-General of Fujian Food Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General of China National Light Industry Federation, and Zhu Nianlin, Chairman of China Bakery and Sugar Industry Association, delivered speeches respectively. As the organizer of this summit, Greenfresh Group made a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer of the conference, China Bakery and Sugar Industry Association.

Zhao Yanping, vice chairman of China Bakery and Sugar Industry Association, and Chen Xiaozhen, vice president of Zhejiang Provincial Quality Inspection Institute and director of National Snack Food Standardization Committee, also attended the meeting.
 Huang Zhanshen, Chairman of Jelly Professional Committee and Director of Outreach Regulations of Xizhilang, Zhou Mi, General Manager of Shanghai Runchuang Food Technology Development Co., Ltd., Cai Yanhong, Deputy General Manager of Crayon Small and New Technology R&D Center, and Mo Xiaoyan, DuPont Nutrition and Health Sales Manager, etc., respectively On the development opportunities of the jelly industry under the new normal, new trends in the development of the jelly market, the research and development of new products of lactic acid jelly, and the application of probiotics in jelly, the product development experts of Greenfresh Group Technology Center made a "Characteristic Analysis of Modified Agar and "The Application in Pudding Food".

At the meeting, the Jelly Standards Working Group summarized the work in 2014 and notified the results of the Jelly Safety Standards Expert Review Meeting.

 Participants also visited the 2# workshop of Greenfresh (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd., one of the key production bases of Greenfresh Group. Facing the modern production line and standardized production management, the visitors were amazed.

  The undertaking of this summit was highly praised by the leaders of the association and the participants. He praised this meeting as the most successful one in the history of the summit.


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