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2019 Mexico International Food Ingredients Exhibition

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一、Exhibition situation
      The Food Technology Summit & Expo in Mexico is held every year, and the 12th in 2019. The exhibition is hosted by Enfasis Alimentacion, an Argentine food professional media company. It is a professional food technology exhibition in Latin America. The exhibition exhibits cover food additives, ingredients, production equipment and related services.
二、Booth No. of Greenfresh Group: 2634
三、Sample display
soft candies  detailed  model  taste
Cola soft candies  RQ015-2 Cola Flavor
Passion Fruit Gummy  RC043 Passion Fruit + Juice
Blackcurrant soft candies  RQ048  blackcurrant
Coconut Cake  RR013  Coconut Flavor
Agar soft candies  RC038  Passion Fruit
Bionic Mango soft candies  RS025-1  Mango flavor
Jelly  melts in the mouth (orange flavor)  GT113  orange flavor
Drinkable Jelly  FG-L17X  litchi flavor
Low price jelly 040D  mango
四、Exhibition pictures

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