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2018FIC China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

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一、 Exhibition situation
1、Exhibitors: 1568 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions (500 exhibitors in the international exhibition area and 1068 exhibitors in the domestic exhibition area);
2、 Exhibition area: five major exhibition areas, 140,000 square meters. This exhibition is divided into: international exhibition area, extracts, functional ingredients, health products, natural products exhibition area, comprehensive product exhibition area, flavors and seasonings exhibition area, machinery equipment and food safety testing equipment exhibition area;
3、 Exhibits category: The exhibition covers tens of thousands of products including 23 major food additives and 35 major food ingredients in the whole industry; 14 major food processing aids, new resource foods and ingredients, and food machinery;
4、 Number of participants: more than 100,000 exhibitors;
二、  Booth No. of Greenfresh Group: 61O20/61P21
三、Sample display
Sample   Type Product Name    Model  Taste
   Elastic/Vegetarian Series Cola flavor soft candies RQ015-2  Cola Flavor
Blackcurrant flavor soft candies RQ048  blackcurrant
Bionic fruit orange petal soft candies RJ049  orange flavor
Mango flavor soft candies RS025-1  mango flavor
Sauce strawberry soft candies RJ049 strawberry flavor
Fruit Cake Orange Cake RS047  Orange Flavor
Yellow Peach Cake RG051  Peach Flavor
Durian&Mango Cake  RS047 Durian and Mango Flavor
Mixed Gummy  Sweets RQ048 Passion Fruit
Milk coated chocolate  RJ049  
Agar based soft candies   High transparency agar soft candies RC043   Mixed flavor
Other high solid contents  disposing RH052  strawberry flavor
Jelly   Low Cost Jelly GP150  Orange Flavor
  Fruit Soup Jelly GS124 Passion Fruit Flavor
   Mango Pudding  GB147  Mango Milk Flavor
Popsicle Lactic    Acid Bacteria (High-end) DQB509 Lactic Acid Bacteria
  Mango Lactic Acid Bacteria (low-end) DQB503-1  Mango lactic acid bacteria
   Add fruit juice and jam (green plum) DQB501  green plum
Suspension Drink   Aloe Vera  YGX202  Fruity
Beverage    Coconut Milk  YRC211 Chocolate
    Banana milk YRX203  banana flavor
    DIY brewing jelly YSC212 black tea 30, orange 20
    Konjac Functional Drink YSM206  Lemon Flavor
Jam   Baking Available Jam  JG905  Durian, Passion Fruit
    Ketchup  JG901  Tomato
    Spreads sauce JG906  strawberry
Ice Cream    Chocolate Ice Cream   DBX559-A Chocolate
Layer ice cream DJ568 DJ568,DBX557  yogurt + strawberry
Meat products    Bacon FH-R09   ------
   Steak HZ315   ------
   Black pepper flavor sausage HY-03   ------
  Processed pork chops HG310   ------
    Chicken Fillet HG311   ------
  Meat Ball HW308   ------
    Starch-free sausage HW305   ------
   Instant Fish Ball HY-03   ------
四、 Exhibition pictures


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