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Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. Social Quality Credit Report

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1 Introduction
1.1 Description of the report objectivity
Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. upholds the core values of Greenfresh Group "market-oriented, technology-driven, employee-based, management-protected, service-oriented" and the quality policy "pursuit of superb technology and excellent quality". We based on the relevant national laws and regulations, and the industry standard, comprehensively summarize and organize Greenfresh’s quality credit work related data since its establishment, and conduct research and analysis to prepare the 2015 "Enterprise Quality Credit report". Greenfresh is responsible for the objectivity of this evaluation report and for the scientific nature of the current status evaluation conclusions.
1.2 Address from the General Manager
Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. always regards "Striving for the first brand in the industry" as the pursuit of enterprise innovation and development, and takes "pursuing superb technology and creating excellent quality" as its quality policy, adheres to the implementation of corporate quality responsibility, and strictly comply with the relevant national laws. Always strictly demand ourselves with internal control standards higher than national standards, and have passed the certification of quality systems such as ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL Certification, etc. At the same time, in order to ensure the effective operation of the system, our company introduces scientific management methods and perfect performance appraisal system, strengthens employee training and guidance, creates a quality and integrity working atmosphere, continuously strives to improve product quality and performance, and effectively serves customers.
Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. Ltd. will, as always, implement the social responsibility of "quality first, integrity management", create first-class benefits and achieve first-class quality with first-class management.
1.3 Company Profile
Fujian Luqi Food Colloid Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenfresh Group. It originated from Shishi Minnan Qiongjia Co., Ltd., which was established in 1995. It is now located in Jiaomei Neding Industrial Park, Taiwan Business Investment Zone, Zhangzhou, adjacent to National Highway 324. The total investment is 160 million yuan, covering an area of 35,000 square meters, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
Our company have more than 20 years of professional experience in the development of carrageenan, agar, natural konjac gum and food colloid compound. We have independently developed production equipment with the most advanced level in China. There are currently four specialized production workshops (its product research base belongs to the group Headquarters). All the production process are automated, mechanized and standardized. The annual production capacity exceeds 2500 tons and the annual output value exceeds 150 million yuan. Products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "taking human food health needs as our life and manufacturing source", "integrity management, sincere service, continuous innovation and sustainable development", we created the "Jin Minnan" brand and gradually established the leading position in China's food additive industry.
Under the leadership and support of the group company, Greenfresh insists on building a "learning, growth, and value-oriented" organization, and insists on building a professional and experienced management team and R&D team with strong core competitiveness. Our company constantly introduces new products and enriches the variety of food additives. For decades, we have consistently adhered to the quality and safety policy of "pursuing superb technology, continuous intensive cultivation, and excellent quality", which has won the full trust and good reputation of new and old customers.
2. Text of Quality Credit Report
2.1 Corporate quality management philosophy
Quality is the life of a company's survival and development. Greenfresh has always adhered to "customer-centered and quality-focused" in its production and operation, attaches importance to quality construction, and improves product quality in the position of business strategy. Through technological transformation and construction year by year, we have gradually established the business tenet of "taking the health needs of human food as our life and the source of creation" and the quality policy of "pursuing superb technology and creating excellent quality". In order to control the quality, Greenfresh has implemented the ISO22000 food safety management system, integrating the quality management concept into the entire process of business operations, from product design, raw and auxiliary materials selection, production technology, process monitoring, finished product packaging, factory inspection, storage and transportation, etc. The process based on leadership and full participation, and oriented to customer needs, will "everyone has responsibilities, everything has procedures, operations have standards, systems have supervision, and defects have corrections." The core position of Greenfresh has been put into practice, and comprehensive quality management has been gradually achieved.
In the process of establishing the integrity system, Greenfresh focuses on strengthening the core position of quality management, and continuously improves the comprehensive management and control level of the quality management department. "Quality is the life of the company", "The next process is the customer of the previous process" and other quality responsibility and mission throughout the entire production control, implemented in each post process, and effectively created a good joint management, constant grasp an unremitting quality management atmosphere for all employees, through efforts to build and establish a sense of quality integrity, and comprehensively improve product quality.
Greenfresh's future development ideas: integrate and enrich the marketing team, adopt flexible and diverse business strategies, adjust product structure for different markets, and implement product development ideas of "high-end products establish an image, mid-end products realize profits, and low-end products occupy the market" , Adopt a multi-variety and serialization strategy, maintain old customers, expand and develop new customers, conquer customers with quality, satisfy customers with supply of goods, and achieve "integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win"..
2.2 Internal quality management
2.2.1 Quality management organization
Greenfresh has established a management representative (chief quality officer) as the overall head of overall quality management, and cooperated with various functional departments to participate in quality management. There are seven functional departments, namely Administration Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Purchasing Department, Technology Department, Quality Control Department, Storage and Transportation Department, and the Sales Department is managed by the collective. Among them, the Quality Control Department has inspection teams and laboratories responsible for supervising the operation of personnel in the production process, environmental hygiene, and testing the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, and finished products; the Production Department is responsible for product safety and product quality in the production process. There are production workshops, compound workshops, machine repair classes, water treatment classes and boiler classes. The technical department is responsible for the design, adjustment and revision of product processes to ensure that the products meet customer requirements.
The responsibilities and authorities of management organizations at all levels are as follows:
   (1) Responsibilities of the quality management organization
   (1) Preparation of quality management system documents suitable for the enterprise;
   (2) Organize and formulate Greenfresh's quality policy and quality objectives;
   (3) Responsible for and supervise the effective operation of the enterprise quality management system;
   (4) Develop a quality reward and punishment system, be responsible for harmonizing the quality responsibilities of various departments, and assess the quality of work;
   (5) Organize the internal quality audit of the enterprise;
   (6) Responsible for the analysis and handling of major quality accidents;
   (7) Supervise the use and management of enterprise quality funds;
   (8) Organize mass quality activities;|
   (2) Responsibilities of relevant functional departments and field departments
   (1) To ensure the effective operation of the quality management system in this unit;
   (2) Organize quality management activities;
   (3) Strictly implement the quality instructions of the quality management organization and laboratory;
   (4) Complete the quality indicators or quality targets involved in this unit;
(3) Responsibilities and authorities of the technical department
   (1) Production process improvement
  According to the customer's special requirements for the product, conduct multiple test adjustments from the raw material addition, soaking and rinsing process, cooking process, grinding process and other processes, sort out the improvement data, and ensure that the quality of the improved product meets relevant standards and meets customer needs;
   (2) Experimental research
  According to the changes of the original and auxiliary materials, conduct product test and research in time to improve product quality and make the product meet the standard requirements;
   (3) On-site process adjustment
  According to the relevant test data provided by the quality control department, fine-tune the process of the production process to ensure the quality of the process product;
   (4) Responsibilities and authorities of Quality Control Department
   (1) Quality inspection
  Inspect the original and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products in accordance with relevant standards and regulations. Make quality records and labels according to regulations, provide accurate and reliable inspection data in time, grasp the quality dynamics, and ensure the traceability of product inspection;
   (2) Quality control
According to product quality requirements, formulate internal control standards for raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products, organize and implement process quality control, use mathematical statistical methods to grasp the quality fluctuation laws, continuously improve predictability and prevention capabilities, and take corrective measures in a timely manner. Preventive measures to keep the entire production process under control;
   (3) Confirmation and verification of factory agar and carrageenan
  Strictly conduct inspections in accordance with relevant product standards and the "Monitoring and Measurement Management Measures" formulated by Greenfresh to prevent unqualified products from leaving the factory;
   (4) Quality statistics and analysis
  Using mathematical statistical methods, timely quality statistics, do a good job of analysis and improvement;
In order to ensure the quality management level and comprehensively improve management capabilities, Greenfresh's senior leaders directly included product quality indicators in the performance evaluation of employees, and product quality was directly linked to personal remuneration. At the same time, in order to further encourage employees' quality awareness, a single quality reward was established, creating a good quality management atmosphere throughout Greenfresh, "product quality, everyone is responsible".
2.2.2 Quality management system
Greenfresh has successively passed the ISO22000 food safety management system certification, the international authoritative organization Jewish certification (KOSHER), halal certification (HALAL) and the US FDA certification. In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers and related parties, Greenfresh decided to focus on the safety of customers and other related parties, relying on scientific and rigorous management to ensure stable product quality, and continue to improve on this basis.
  At the same time, Greenfresh is guided by the important ideas of scientific development, adheres to the quality management strategic guidelines, and actively implements and carefully deploys the various tasks and overall requirements of quality management. The specific working ideas are: guided by quality and safety as the basis for enterprise construction, strict "three inspections" system, standardized operation, comprehensive implementation of the quality management responsibility system, increased supervision, improved Greenfresh's overall quality level, and strive to create high-quality products . With the joint efforts of all cadres and employees, Greenfresh's product quality is guaranteed, the management staff's quality awareness is continuously improved, the process control methods are continuously strengthened, and the quality management system continues to operate effectively. Do careful organization and deployment, pay close attention to basic management, clarify quality goals, implement target responsibilities, pay attention to entity quality, steadily improve product quality, conscientiously organize inspections, strengthen quality supervision, strengthen learning and training, improve work ability, and improve quality management, so that Greenfresh Can successfully pass the external audit.
   In terms of quality responsibility, Greenfresh has a complete system of traceability and compensation. In order to maintain the effective operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system, Greenfresh strictly implements the procedures of internal audit, management review, data analysis, correction and preventive measures.
2.2.3 Enterprise quality and integrity Quality integrity management
   In order to further standardize Greenfresh's production and ensure product quality, implement the main responsibility of product quality, implement the "quality strategy" in depth, and improve the competitiveness of the product, Greenfresh strives to create a quality integrity system. Based on the "Food Safety Law", product production licenses, national standards and other rules and regulations are guidelines, and vigorously promoted the construction of a quality and integrity system. Through research and discussion, through reasonable planning in our company, we have established a quality and integrity education and reward and punishment system, a quality inspection system, and a traceability system for manufactured products. We have carried out a variety of quality integrity and self-discipline activities. In order to ensure the orderly implementation of the quality and integrity system, on the basis of formulating a scientific and rigorous integrity management system, through strict control of the integrity of the original and auxiliary materials entering the factory, the integrity of the production organization, the integrity of the quality control, the integrity of the quality and technical services, the integrity of personnel View, and constantly improve the construction of corporate integrity system. Quality culture construction
In the construction of quality culture, Greenfresh's leadership team constantly learns and improves itself, introduces advanced business concepts to Greenfresh, puts forward requirements and goals, provides training opportunities for employees, enables all employees to deeply understand the meaning of quality culture, and clarifies excellent product quality From all aspects of the production process, the concept of quality construction is instilled in all employees of Greenfresh, and the quality awareness of employees is comprehensively improved.
   In order to effectively create a good quality culture atmosphere, Greenfresh actively advocates customer focus, leadership, full participation, and launched a series of quality technology research activities. In the product quality improvement activities, through the subtle way, gradually change the employee's thinking, thereby generating a "recognition" of Greenfresh's quality goals, quality concepts, and quality behavior norms, inspiring the employee's ownership spirit, and advancing with Greenfresh's development , Indeed put the quality culture construction in place.
2.2.4 Enterprise Quality Foundation Enterprise product standards
   Greenfresh mainly produces agar, carrageenan and compound products. The current implementation standards are all national standards. In order to ensure that the products manufactured are 100% qualified, Greenfresh has always adhered to the use of internal control standards that are higher than the national standards, and strictly requires its products based on the principle of continuous improvement of product quality. There has never been a quality accident. In recent years, Greenfresh's products have been widely used in more than 40 kinds of thousands of products such as jelly, jelly, cold drinks, beverages, meat, beer, dairy products and daily chemicals, providing high-quality production for major domestic and foreign enterprises raw material. Certification and accreditation
In order to comprehensively improve product quality and ensure the norms and standards of various production and operation activities, Greenfresh has successively established, improved and obtained a quality management system. It has passed ISO22000 food safety management system certification, international authoritative organization's Kosher certification (KOSHER), halal certification (HALAL) ) And FDA certification. Safety management of special equipment
   Greenfresh has formulated a complete and sound series of environmental protection and safety production responsibility systems, focusing on the formulation of safety and technical measures to ensure the smooth progress of safety production. Greenfresh's special equipment is mainly steam boilers, safety valves, forklifts, elevators, etc. In order to strengthen the management of special equipment, Greenfresh has formulated a special equipment management system, implemented a responsibility-to-person post responsibility system, clarified the division of responsibilities of the main person in charge of special equipment, safety management personnel and special equipment operators, and established and perfected special equipment The file management system implements a registration system for the use of special equipment, regularly inspects special equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment, has developed a maintenance system for special equipment, strengthened safety education and training assessment for special equipment operators, and formulated The safety inspection and accident reporting system ensure the safe and stable operation of special equipment.
   Greenfresh has established a special operation management standard system. Greenfresh’s operation permit for special operations shall be applied by the operator, fill in the basic operation information, and handle the operation permit in accordance with the approval procedure. Greenfresh's safety production office is responsible for the number of operation permits, issuance and establishment of operation permits, and all departments establish operation permit use records and update them in a timely manner. All special operations carried out by the contractor in Greenfresh shall comply with the requirements of this detailed implementation rule. The special operations in the construction of new projects shall be the responsibility of the project construction unit. Product quality responsibility. 2.2.5 Product quality responsibility Product quality commitment
Greenfresh is engaged in the production and sales of agar, carrageenan and compound products. It has four production workshops and is equipped with sufficient quality inspection personnel. The entire process from the entry of raw materials to the end of the finished product is effectively monitored, and before the sale Understand the customer's needs, recommend the use and quantity to the customer; follow up the customer's production during the sale, provide advice and provide relevant information to the customer in time; regularly visit the customer after sale to understand the quality of the product.
   In order to fulfill the quality responsibility, continue to build the brand and effectively serve the customers, our company solemnly promises to the customers as follows:
   (1) The pass rate of each index of the manufactured products: 100%;
   (2) Customer satisfaction ≥95%;
   (3) The raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials purchased shall be inspected strictly according to the standards. Those that do not meet the standards shall not be put into storage or used;
   (4) Regularly carry out internal quality audit and management review of Greenfresh every year;
   Greenfresh is willing to accept supervision from all walks of life and take the initiative to take responsibility for quality. Product recall
  Enterprises strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations such as the National Food Safety Law and the Metrology Law. In order to effectively serve customers, establish an after-sales service system and establish and improve the "Product Recall System". In order to ensure that the products shipped from the factory are 100% qualified, we have achieved layer-by-layer quality control and pre-control of the processes in the process, starting with the control of the original auxiliary materials entering the factory, strengthening the disposal of defective products and unqualified products in the process, and forming an effective Disposal procedures and methods, formulated a management system for semi-finished products and unqualified products in the production process, and implemented inspectors to follow-up inspection to ensure that 100% of finished products in storage are qualified. In order to further reduce the differences between batches of products in the production process, the quality of the products has been steadily improved through technological transformation.
For the defective products or unqualified products that have been shipped from the factory, the sales customer service will be contacted urgently. According to the delivery record, the customer will be notified of the unused products to be recalled and replaced as soon as possible. And implement the corresponding reward system to ensure customer satisfaction. This year, only recall drills were conducted, and there were no actual product recalls. Product "Three Guarantees" Liability
   In order to fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise quality and to protect the interests of customers, Greenfresh solidly carried out pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Greenfresh actively provides door-to-door service of "return, replacement" for customers who are improperly transported or stored, causing damage or leaking products. So far, no compensation disputes have occurred due to product damage, leakage, etc., and customer satisfaction is high. Quality reward
Greenfresh is the chairman unit of the Fujian Food Additives Association and was rated as one of the top ten food additive companies in Fujian Province in 2012, 2013 and 2014; it was awarded the Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate in August 2013; and Longhai City paid taxes in 2012, 2013 and 2014 Large households; Longhai City's 2015 economic construction hero; in November 2015, it also won the Excellent Product Award of the High-tech Achievement Fair;
Through the efforts and innovation of Greenfresh's technology department, the invention patent of "An Ultrasonic-assisted Preparation Method for Gracilaria Gracilaria Agar" was reported in 2012, and was authorized for announcement in 2014; in 2013, the "seaweed soaking or cleaning tank output end was reported. Two utility model patents of "Anti-blocking structure" and "A multi-stage seaweed cleaning tank for water recycling", and obtained the patent certificate in the same year.
2.2.6 Quality risk management Quality complaint handling
   In order to receive and handle customer complaints in a timely manner and improve customer satisfaction, Greenfresh formulated the "Customer Complaint Management System" and established and improved the customer complaint handling mechanism.
   For customer complaints, the Sales Department fills out the "Market Information Feedback Form" and submits it to the Quality Control Department for processing. The quality control department organizes the production department and the technical department to jointly investigate and analyze the complaint issues. On the one hand, it formulates solutions for customers, including formulating rectification plans, claims settlement plans, etc., and organizes implementation after the customer confirms the plan until the customer is satisfied. On the other hand, organize Greenfresh to formulate a rectification plan for the problem and organize the implementation, track the internal rectification plan and the implementation results to ensure continuous improvement, and at the same time, feedback to the customer according to the customer's needs and obtain customer confirmation. For the rectification requirements of related parties, the quality control department issues a written rectification notice, which is passed to the relevant parties (suppliers) by the purchasing department and supervises the implementation. The rectification effect must be verified by the quality control department and the technical department.
At the same time, weekly and monthly analysis and evaluation of customer complaints, registration of customer complaints summary table, the existing product quality problems, service quality problems by the sales department to make suggestions for improvement, all functional departments to organize rectification, rectification effect by the quality control department Organize verification with the technical department. Greenfresh conducts a questionnaire survey on customer satisfaction every year. The content of the survey includes product quality, delivery time, service and other aspects. The customer evaluates all aspects of product requirements and expectations, and then conducts statistics to determine the next quality Optimize the upgrade direction and the improvement goal of sales service quality. Quality risk monitoring
Greenfresh always regards quality responsibility work as the top priority for ensuring and developing Greenfresh's production and management, insists on strengthening its leadership role, and establishes a perfect long-term guarantee for product safety by vigorously promoting the construction of the responsibility system of "product quality, everyone is responsible" Effective mechanism to lay the foundation for in-depth development of product safety. Greenfresh has adopted a series of powerful measures to strengthen the supervision of enterprise product quality, standardize production and monitoring behaviors, and improve the production environment, so that Greenfresh's product quality continues to improve, and product quality and safety are effectively guaranteed.
Quality risk monitoring points and preventive measures
Serial number Production Process Risk monitoring point Precautions
1 Acceptance and use of raw materials 1. The quality of raw materials fluctuates greatly.
2. There is a deviation in the inspection results
1. Strengthen the supervision of incoming purchase quality and acceptance, evaluate suppliers, and resolutely ban unqualified suppliers.
2. Strengthen process supervision and punishment.
3. Standardize the sampling, sample preparation and inspection process, establish a sample reservation, inspection, and spot check to verify sampling representativeness and inspection accuracy.
2 metal detection There are detectable metal impurities in the finished product Use a metal detector for inspection
3 Product testing Control of various physical and chemical indicators  According to the internal control standards of the enterprise, the physical, chemical and hygienic indicators of each batch of products are tested.
4 Product packaging, delivery The production date of the finished product is wrong or unclear 1. The quality control department and the blending workshop strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance management of the printer.
2. The inspection center inspects the contents such as bottling capacity, ex-factory number, production date, etc. to ensure that they are correct. Emergency management
 As a food manufacturer, one product index that does not meet the standard requirements is that the product quality is unqualified. In order to ensure the smooth development of emergency response to food quality and safety incidents, strengthen the organization and leadership of emergency response to major food safety incidents, earnestly implement various emergency response measures, and improve the ability to deal with food safety incidents, in accordance with "effective prevention and active response , Timely control" working ideas and "people-oriented, harm reduction, grading responsibility, scientific early warning, prevention and control, and rapid response" principles, standardize the order of food production and food safety emergency work, and minimize the occurrence of food safety incidents And the degree of harm, to protect the health and safety of the public, and to formulate an emergency plan for quality safety accidents, and immediately report to the higher-level competent authority after a quality accident occurs. After approval by the superior competent authority, the sealed samples of the batch of products shall be sent to the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for re-inspection, and the results of the re-inspection shall prevail. At the same time, the quality control department informs the storage and transportation department of the batch number of the batch of products in writing. The storage and transportation department finds out the flow of the product based on the batch number and release records and quickly feeds it back to the sales department. The sales department informs the responding customer to stop using the batch of products. According to Greenfresh’s product quality tracing method, the quality control department conducts tracing, carefully analyzes the accident, finds out the cause, takes remedial and preventive measures, and conducts accountability and handling to prevent the accident from recurring, and at the same time feedback the cause of the accident and the treatment plan To the relevant department, and report to the company’s responsible leader for approval, submit a written inspection report, hold the relevant leaders and responsible persons accountable, and deal with them seriously.3. Conclusion of the report "Future Outlook of Enterprise Quality Work"
  Quality work is a long way to go; food quality and safety are a matter for you and me. In the future, Greenfresh will conscientiously implement the national guidelines for quality development, as always, adhere to the quality policy of "pursuing superb technology and creating excellent quality", centering on customer satisfaction, taking "quality-oriented, honest management" as the purpose, and comprehensive implement the main responsibility of the production enterprise and continuously improve the product structure; start from every link that affects product quality, continue to improve the internal management systems of the company, continue to improve the operating quality of the quality management system, shape a good corporate culture, and create excellent quality. To build a high-quality brand, and to provide high-quality, safe and assured products for the whole society and customers! Efforts to build the company into the first brand in the national industry.

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