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Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Social Quality Credit Report

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1. Introduction to the report
1.1 Report preparation specifications
All colleagues of Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. adhere to the core values of "market-oriented, technology-driven, employees-based, management as the guarantee, and service as the path" and the core values of "pursuing superb technology and creating excellent quality" The quality policy of Greenfresh strictly abides by relevant national laws, regulations and industry standards and regulations, earnestly fulfills the main responsibility of enterprise product quality, and establishes a quality integrity mechanism. By comprehensively summarizing and sorting out Greenfresh’s quality and credit work related data since its establishment, the 2013 "Enterprise Quality Credit Report" was compiled, so that all walks of life will understand the concept and work development of Greenfresh Group's social responsibility, listen to their opinions, and accept Supervise and improve work.
1.2. Adress from the General Manager
Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. always regards "striving for the first brand in the industry" as its pursuit of innovation and development, and "creating quality, building brand, expanding market, and increasing efficiency" as the corporate spirit of the group's sustainable struggle. We strictly implement the quality system rules of "ISO22000, ISO9001:2008, KOSHER (International Authoritative Organization Jewish Certification), HALAL (Halal Certification)" and other quality system rules, and adhere to the scientific and applicable development strategies and strategies of the group of "conquering the world by model" , The series of products continue to introduce new ones, the quality indicators are better than the national standard GB15044-2009, and meet the requirements of the United Nations Agriculture and Food Agency food safety indicators, and are widely favored by the mainland and international markets.
1.3. Company Brief
Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd.  is one of the subsidiaries of Greenfresh Group. Greenfresh Group was established by Hong Kong Green (China) Technology Development Co., Ltd., which invested heavily in the mainland and integrates scientific research, production and sales. It specializes in the development of high-tech carrageenan, agar, konjac products and carrageenan compound series products. Technology Enterprise Group. The headquarters of Greenfresh Group is located in Anshan Industrial Park, Zini Town, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, which is bordered by Xiamen City. Its "management center", "R&D center" and "marketing center" constitute the main body of the headquarters operation. At present, the wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries of the group mainly include: Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. , Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. ,Lvbao (Quanzhou) Biochemistry Co., Ltd. ,Shiyan Haiyi Konjac Products Co., Ltd. and LvQi(Xiamen) Marine biotechnology Co., Ltd. etc.
Greenfresh Group covers a total area of ??233,334 square meters and owns 110,000 square meters of standardized industrial production plants. The annual production capacity of refined carrageenan is 6000 tons, the annual production capacity of semi-refined carrageenan is 2000 tons, the annual production capacity of agar is 2000 tons, the annual production capacity of various konjac products such as konjac flour and konjac gum is 4000 tons, and the annual production capacity of various compound carrageenan 6000 tons. In recent years, it has been widely used in the products of more than 40 types of domestic and international well-known enterprises, such as jelly, soft candy, cold drinks, beverages, meat, beer, dairy products and daily chemical products, and sold well in 29 mainland provinces, Autonomous regions and municipalities, have also achieved impressive performance in international markets such as Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Greenfresh Group promotes a green and healthy diet and firmly believes in the close relationship between seaweed colloids and human health. The Group will continue to use the information sharing channel in the new era, with high-quality and leading ideas, products and personalized services, and with the strength of the "Professional Manufacturer of Hydrocolloids in China", to lead the large clusters of manufacturers in the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain at home and abroad. Consumer groups, make greater contributions to human health as "greenfresh people".
   2. Report body
2.1. Corporate quality philosophy
Greenfresh is customer-centric, quality-focused, and quality assurance as the production and operation goal. Through year-by-year technological transformation and construction, Greenfresh has gradually established the business tenet of "taking human food health as our life and source of creation". The quality policy of "Technology, creating excellent quality" integrates Greenfresh's quality management concept into the whole process of research and development, production and sales, and the quality awareness penetrates into the hearts of every employee and is implemented steadily in actual work.
In order to create a credit system, Greenfresh pays attention to the core position of everyone having responsibilities, procedures for everything, standards for operation, supervision of the system, and correction of defects. Greenfresh continuously improves the comprehensive management and control level of the production process, and conducts self-inspection, mutual inspection and random inspection. The sense of quality responsibility and mission runs through the entire production control, implemented in each post and process, and effectively creates a quality management atmosphere for all employees. Through efforts to build and establish a sense of quality integrity, we comprehensively improve product quality.
Greenfresh pays great attention to the needs of customers, always focuses on customers, establishes a strategic partner of "integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", and adjusts and improves production measures and management methods to ensure that it wins the trust of the market and customers.
Company vision: Integrate and enrich the marketing team, adopt flexible and diversified business strategies, continue to use information sharing channels in the new era, with high-quality and leading ideas, products and personalized services, and with the strength of "China's professional hydrocolloid manufacturer" Leading the large production clusters and consumer groups in the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain at home and abroad, and making greater contributions to human health.
2.2. Internal quality management
2.2.1 Quality management organization
Greenfresh has established the chief quality officer as the overall head of overall quality management, the management representative is the leader of daily quality management activities, seven functional departments work together, and several field departments such as testing, process, production workshop, quality inspection, and laboratory testing are on the front line. Quality management organization with perfect technology, operation and supervision. The seven functional departments are: Manpower Administration Department, Quality Control Department, Finance Department, Storage and Transportation Department, Production Department, Technology Department and Equipment Power Department. Among them, the Quality Control Department has inspection teams and laboratories, and the Technology Department has laboratories and technology teams. The production department is responsible for product safety and product quality in the production process. It has a refined rubber workshop, a coarse rubber workshop, a compounding workshop, an agar workshop, a machine repair class, a water treatment class, and a boiler class.
The responsibilities and authorities of management organizations at all levels are as follows:
(1) Responsibilities of the quality management organization
(1) Preparation of quality management system documents suitable for the enterprise;
(2) Organize and formulate Greenfresh's quality policy and quality objectives;
(3) Responsible and supervise the effective operation of the enterprise quality management system;
(4) Develop a quality reward and punishment system, be responsible for harmonizing the quality responsibilities of various departments, and assess the quality of work;
(5) Organize the internal quality audit of the enterprise;
(6) Responsible for the analysis and treatment of major quality accidents;
(7) Supervise the use and management of enterprise quality funds;
(8) Organize mass quality activities.
(2) Responsibilities of relevant functional departments and on-site departments
(1) Ensure that the quality management system is effectively operated in this unit;
(2) Organize quality management activities;
(3) Strictly implement the quality instructions of the quality management organization and laboratory;
(4) Complete the quality indicators or quality targets involved in this unit.
(3) Responsibilities and authorities of the quality center
(1) Quality inspection
In accordance with relevant standards and regulations, the original and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, and finished products shall be inspected. Make quality records and labels according to regulations, provide accurate and reliable inspection data in time, grasp the quality dynamics, and ensure the traceability of product inspection.
(2) Quality control
According to product quality requirements, formulate internal control standards for raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products, organize and implement process quality control, use mathematical statistical methods to grasp the quality fluctuation laws, continuously improve predictability and prevention capabilities, and take corrective measures in a timely manner. Preventive measures to keep the entire production process under control.
(3) Qualification confirmation and verification of factory agar and carrageenan
Strictly carry out inspections in accordance with relevant product standards and the "Monitoring and Measurement Management Measures" of the products formulated by the enterprise to prevent unqualified products from leaving the factory.
(4) Quality statistics and analysis
Make use of mathematical statistical methods to carry out quality statistics in a timely manner, and do a good job of analysis and improvement.
(5) Experimental research
According to the changes of the original and auxiliary materials, conduct product test and research in time to improve product quality and make the product meet the standard requirements.
2.2.2 Quality management system
In recent years, Greenfresh has successively passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO22000:2005, the international authoritative organization Jewish certification (KOSHER) and halal certification (HALAL).
At the same time, Greenfresh continuously optimizes the integration of resources, revises, improves, establishes and completes a quality management system that adapts to the actual situation of Greenfresh, solidly and effectively implements all responsibilities and objectives in the management work, ensures the effective operation of the quality management system, and promotes Greenfresh's sustainable development.
(1) The establishment of the effectiveness of Greenfresh's quality management system stems from Greenfresh's establishment of a set of reasonable and effective scientific and standard process management and management documents to standardize and guide the entire production process to ensure the smoothness of the quality management system.
(2) According to Greenfresh's quality goals, decompose and issue the sub-quality goals of each department, and regularly carry out quality target implementation inspections. Provide timely feedback to the problems found during the inspection. At the same time, focus on customers and customer satisfaction as the measurement standard, use perfect after-sales service to meet the needs of users and society, win the trust and satisfaction of users, and ensure continuous improvement of quality goals .
Greenfresh's quality objectives are completed as follows:
a. The quality of the products produced by Greenfresh meets the requirements of the National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Carrageenan GB 1886.169-2016, "Quality Standards and Testing Methods for Carrageenan" and "Quality Standards and Testing Methods for Carrageenan" The rate is 100%.
b. Customer satisfaction ≥95%; actual completion: 95.2%; meeting the target requirements.
c. Regularly carry out internal quality audit and management review of Greenfresh every year. Constantly standardizing and perfecting the internal audit records of various implementations has better ensured the effective operation and continuous improvement of the system.
d. Strengthen the inspection of the implementation of the management system, vigorously carry out the appraisal of the suitability of management documents, find and analyze the inadequacies in the system in time, propose reasonable and feasible measures to prevent leaks and fill vacancies, and effectively promote Greenfresh's continuous management performance level Improve.
e. Always persist in strengthening process control.
f. Adhere to the focus on customer focus and continuously improve the quality management system. Constantly adjust and improve product process control, improve and improve product quality levels, continuously enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure steady growth of economic benefits.
g. The original and auxiliary packaging materials purchased shall be inspected strictly according to the standard. Those that do not meet the standard shall not be put into storage or used.
h. Strengthen the quality management of the entire production process, and the inspection team will follow up with the inspection to ensure that the unqualified products of the previous process do not flow into the next process and do not let go of any problems.
Through the above measures, the completeness, effectiveness and operation of the quality management system are ensured, and Greenfresh's overall quality management level is continuously improved.
2.2.3. Enterprise quality and integrity Quality integrity management
In order to further improve product quality and implement quality responsibility, Greenfresh strives to create a quality integrity system, based on the "Food Safety Law", product production licenses, national standards and other rules and regulations as the guidelines, the first to obtain quality management system certification, and carefully implement and keep improve. In order to ensure the orderly implementation of the quality and integrity system, on the basis of formulating a scientific and rigorous integrity management system, through strict control of the integrity of the original and auxiliary materials entering the factory, the integrity of the production organization, the integrity of the quality control, the integrity of the quality and technical service, the integrity of the personnel View, and constantly improve the construction of corporate integrity system.
By formulating integrity policies and objectives, carrying out corporate integrity-related content training, and establishing employees to "treat others with sincerity and perseverance", so that employees can truly recognize the important role of integrity in the development of the enterprise, and infiltrate and consolidate integrity in Greenfresh's business In the management concept, it runs through the entire process of production quality control from raw materials entering the factory to product leaving the factory, and has become Greenfresh's behavior and the conscious action of employees. Quality culture construction
Focusing on customer needs and serving customers, we take "quality first, integrity-based" as an important part of enterprise quality culture construction and continuously improve the performance of products.
In order to effectively create a good quality culture atmosphere, company leaders actively advocate, employees actively participate in, carry out quality and technical research activities, in quality improvement activities, communicate employees' ideas through subtle ways, so as to produce corporate quality policies, quality goals, "Identity" of quality concept and quality standard. In the atmosphere formed by the quality culture, the employees have self-motivated internal motivation in order to be recognized by leaders and colleagues, and work hard to achieve Greenfresh's quality improvement goals. While enhancing their skills, they have also effectively promoted the construction of quality culture.
To further promote the construction of quality culture, on the basis of drawing on and drawing on the experience and lessons of brother companies, combining the characteristics of food companies and the current problems of Greenfresh, through overall planning and system design, shape quality culture from multiple perspectives. Carry out corporate culture and systematic publicity training activities, strengthen the sense of responsibility at the management level, increase the awareness of all employees on the importance of quality and the development and rise and fall of Greenfresh, and achieve the high-level real investment in quality culture construction. The efficient execution of quality activities displayed in front of us greatly inspired the enthusiasm of employees to participate in the construction of quality culture, and effectively promoted the construction of quality culture of Greenfresh.
2.2.4. Enterprise quality foundation Enterprise product standards
Greenfresh mainly develops carrageenan, agar, konjac products and carrageenan compound products. The current effective implementation of the national food safety standards Food additives Carrageenan GB 1886.169-2016, "Quality standards and testing methods of carrageenan" and "Quality standards and testing methods of raw and auxiliary materials of carrageenan". In order to guarantee 100% qualified products, Greenfresh has always adhered to the principle of adopting national standards and continuously improving product quality. It strictly requires its own products. The products are sold in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the mainland, and have been obtained in international markets such as Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Proud performance and product quality are well received by customers. Certification and accreditation
In order to comprehensively improve product quality and ensure the specifications and standards of various production and operation activities, Greenfresh has established, perfected and obtained a quality management system. In 2010, Greenfresh obtained ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008, KOSHER (International Authoritative Organization Jewish Certification), HALAL ( Halal certification) and other quality systems. In recent years, the Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has carried out annual supervision and audits of Greenfresh. Through on-site sampling and inspection, Greenfresh’s senior management and human resources management department, quality control department, The 7 departments including the Production Department and the Technology Department conducted audits. The expert group agreed that Greenfresh's quality management system operation meets the requirements of the standards and is continuous and effective. Greenfresh successfully passed the supervision and audit.
In order to ensure the efficient operation and continuous improvement of the system, the system operation mode of internal audit + external audit is adopted to improve and perfect the existing problems and deficiencies. Combining management promotion activities, the management documents and records are sorted out to truly achieve closed-loop management. The standardized management mode of documents and documents ensures the standardized, scientific and efficient operation of Greenfresh's system.
2.2.5. Product quality responsibility Product quality commitment
Greenfresh has 21 full-time technology developers, including 2 senior food engineers and 1 master of biochemistry in the United States. It is equipped with a laboratory, two inspection rooms, biochemical and physical and chemical inspection equipment, and 16 inspection personnel. The National Food Safety Standard, Food Additive Carrageenan GB1886.169-2016 requires comprehensive testing of products, and can also meet the analysis and inspection tasks required by international standards (Table 1). In the production workshop, there is one of the most advanced production lines in the country and a set of production test equipment, which can meet the needs of daily product development and testing.
  Enterprises strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations such as the National Food Safety Law and the Metrology Law. In order to effectively serve customers, establish an after-sales service system and establish and improve the "Product Recall System". In order to ensure that the products shipped from the factory are 100% qualified, we have achieved layer-by-layer quality control and pre-control of the processes in the process, starting with the control of the original auxiliary materials entering the factory, strengthening the disposal of defective products and unqualified products in the process, and forming an effective Disposal procedures and methods, formulated a management system for semi-finished products and unqualified products in the production process, and implemented inspectors to follow-up inspection to ensure that 100% of finished products in storage are qualified. In order to further reduce the differences between batches of products in the production process, the quality of the products has been steadily improved through technological transformation. In recent years, Greenfresh has a high level of quality control, the product quality implementation standards are much higher than the national standard, the product quality is stable, and the products manufactured are in line with the national food safety standards. Food additives Carrageenan GB 1886.169-2016, "Carrageenan quality standards and testing methods" And "Carrageenan Quality Standards and Testing Methods for Raw and Auxiliary Materials", there is no product recall during the actual sales and quality service. Product recall
Product quality performance index Index standard value Index measured value Domestic Advanced level International Advanced level
Sulfate (%) 15~40 22 15~40 15~40
Viscosity (Pa.s) ≥0.005 0.12 ≥0.005 ≥0.005
Loss on drying (%) ≤12.0 8.51 ≤12.0 ≤12.0
Total ash (%) 15~40 22.3 15~40 15~40
Acid insoluble ash (%) ≤1 <0.1 ≤1 ≤1
Acid content ≤15 <0.1 ≤15 ≤15
pH 8~11 8.8 8~11 8~11
Lead (mg/kg) ≤5.0 <0.1 ≤5.0 ≤5.0
Arsenic (mg/kg) ≤3.0 <0.1 ≤3.0 ≤3.0
Cadmium (mg/kg) ≤2.0 <0.1 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Mercury (mg/kg) ≤1.0 <0.05 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Total plate count (CFU/g) ≤5000 <100 ≤5000 ≤5000
Escherichia coli (MPN/g) <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 Negative
Salmonella/25g Not detectable Not detected Not detectable Negative Product "Three Guarantees" Liability
In order to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of enterprise quality and protect the interests of customers, we solidly carry out pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Greenfresh actively provides door-to-door service of "return, replacement" for customers who are improperly transported or stored, causing damage or leaking products. So far, no compensation or disputes have occurred due to problems such as product damage and leakage, and customer satisfaction is high. Quality reward
Greenfresh was rated as one of the top ten food additive companies in Fujian Province in 2010, 2011, and 2012; the honorary title of the best ingredient supplier in 2011; the big taxpayer in Longhai City in 2012 and 2013; the hero of economic construction in Longhai City in 2012; Zhangzhou in 2012 City Harmonious Enterprise; 2013-2015 Zhangzhou Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise; 2014.1 won the Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate; 2014.1 won the Longhai Science and Technology Progress Award; 2014.12 won the Zhangzhou Enterprise Technology Innovation Center; 2016.1 won the Science and Technology Progress II Awards; 2016.3 won the Fujian famous brand products; 2016.7 won the eighth round of Fujian province (2016-2019) provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization; 2017.3 won the Fujian province carrageenan production benchmarking enterprises; 2017.5 won the Marine Science and Technology Progress Award.
Entrusted by Greenfresh in 2013, the School of Food Science and Technology of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Greenfresh jointly completed the "Research and Development of Safety Control Technology for Extracting High-strength Carrageenan by Compound Alkali and Compound Enzyme Treatment (Minjiao Science Review [2013] No. 42)", "Energy Saving Processing High-quality agar comprehensive technology research and development (Minjiao Science Evaluation Word [2013] No. 43) "two projects, the overall technical level ranks ahead in the country. In 2013, Greenfresh's independent project "Research and Development of Highly Dispersible Carrageenan" won the second prize of Longhai Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Fujian Food Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. The registered trademark "第9597151图" was recognized as a famous trademark in Fujian Province on December 16, 2013 by the Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.
2.2.6. Quality risk management Quality complaint handling
In order to ensure continuous improvement of product quality and improve Greenfresh's quality service level, Greenfresh collects customer complaints or potential complaint information through customer hotlines, customer complaints, direct visits between customers and customers, regular questionnaires, etc. Through inspections of competitors and Customers evaluate other competitors' products, collect customer expectations for products and services, and take proactive measures to reduce customer complaints.
To this end, the "Customer-related Process Management Measures", "Service Process Management Measures", "Product After-sales, Returning Business Management Measures" and other management measures have been formulated to establish and improve the acceptance and handling of product quality and after-sales service quality complaints. control program. The marketing department is set as the main body of product after-sales service, which is responsible for customer complaint reception, pre-sales, after-sales complaint reception, coordination and implementation of all complaint handling, supervision and management, and customer quality consultation and complaints. Responsibility was implemented for information such as customer complaints and complaints. At the same time, a customer satisfaction survey is conducted annually to analyze potential customer dissatisfaction and implement the rectification to the responsible department.
The process of resolving and handling customer complaints is also the process of improving product performance and service quality, which shortens the waiting time for customers. At present, the service for customers is efficient, fast and orderly. In addition, by strengthening regular visits to customers, proactively communicating with customers to improve and communicate customer complaints in a timely manner, improving customer satisfaction.
Greenfresh conducts a questionnaire survey on customer satisfaction every year. The content of the survey includes product quality, delivery time, service and other aspects. The customer evaluates all aspects of product requirements and expectations, and then conducts statistics to determine the next quality Optimize the upgrade direction and the improvement goal of sales service quality.
Greenfresh's quality and service complaint hotline is as follows:
Complaint hotline: 4009182888
Service method: on-site service for customers Quality risk monitoring
(1) Emergency plan for major quality accidents
According to relevant regulations, major quality accidents of manufactured products must be strictly inspected and controlled in accordance with relevant product standards. We have formulated relevant inspection systems as required. Products can only be shipped after passing inspection. We have formulated internal control standards that are higher than the national standard, strictly controlling the quality of the process, and achieving effective control in advance. The products manufactured are strictly in accordance with the national food safety standards. Food additives Carrageenan GB 1886.169-2016 and the "Food Safety Law" are implemented. Qualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.
Focusing on the factors that affect the unqualified products, the focus is on the production source and the implementation of quality control in the production process. It is an important part of Greenfresh. We have carried out layer-by-layer control and formulated operating procedures separately. The production can only be resumed if the cause is found to meet the requirements through rectification.
(2) Reporting and handling of major quality accidents
Greenfresh's "Quality Accident Analysis Reporting Regulations" clearly stipulates the report after major quality accidents and the corresponding emergency measures. After a major quality accident occurs, it immediately calls the customer to stop the production and sales and report to the superior competent department. After approval by the competent department at a higher level, the sealed samples of the batch of products shall be sent to Fujian Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute for inspection, and the inspection results shall prevail. The Production Department notifies the responsible department in writing in the form of "Notice of Major Quality Accident", and attaches the "Report of Major Quality Accident Handling". At the same time, Greenfresh organizes relevant departments to analyze the accident carefully, find out the reasons, and take remedial and preventive measures , And carry out accountability and treatment to prevent the accident from happening again, and promptly feed back the cause of the accident and the treatment plan to the production department. The production department verifies the results and reports to Greenfresh leaders for approval. At the same time, make a written inspection report to the competent department at a higher level, and hold the responsible and responsible persons accountable for serious handling.
3. Conclusion of the report
Quality management is the life of an enterprise, and credibility guarantee is the foundation of an enterprise. There is no once-and-for-all quality, only a continuously improved quality management system. Good reputation requires excellent quality support and excellent service maintenance. Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd.  will strongly promote quality management with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, and firmly maintain corporate reputation. Occupy the market with excellent product quality, retain customers with a good reputation, promote the continuous improvement and efficient operation of the quality management system, comprehensively strengthen the quality awareness of all staff to maintain the brand image and create food quality products, will "pursue superb technology, continuous The quality policy of "Intensive cultivation and excellent quality" is put into action. Through a series of activities of total quality management, our "Quality Development Outline" is practiced in the entire enterprise production activities. It is implemented in process quality supervision and continuously improves the quality of all employees. Work responsibility and self-control ability, provide high-quality products and services for the whole society and customers, resolutely fulfill the responsibility of the enterprise's quality, demand efficiency from quality, promote development with quality, and truly manage with integrity and win with quality.

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