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Greenfresh Group won the classic beauty of the 3rd "Library Cup" in Longhai City

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On November 9th, the third "Library Cup" classic beauty reading contest of Longhai City with the theme of "Reciting Chinese classics and vigorously promoting red culture" was grandly held in Longtou Cultural Park. Greenfresh Group represented Zini Town Participated in the contest and won the third prize of the Longhai City's third "Library Cup" classic American recitation team competition with an excellent score of 93 points.

The 12-member Greenfresh Group representative team participated in the recitation song "I Love the Motherland, I Love the Mother Tongue", which was either stagnant or smooth, or eloquent. The Greenfresh employees felt in the beautifully acclaimed acura The profoundness of Chinese culture and the infinite charm of Chinese

This honor was won by Greenfresh employees after ten years of intense rehearsal and hard work. It was another performance of Greenfresh's love and daring spirit. The Greenfresh people will follow the pace of the party and the times, vigorously promote and promote the Chinese culture, and strive to create a new era of green and new culture in line with their own development.


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