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Leaders of Zhangzhou Party School's divisional class visitedGreenfresh Group

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On the afternoon of November 9, the leaders of the division class of the Party School of the Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by the relevant leaders of the Longhai Municipal Government, visited the Greenfresh Group to visit and investigate. Guo Dongxu, Vice Chairman of the Group, on behalf of the Group, expressed a warm welcome to the leaders.

The leaders of the division class of the Party School of Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee first visited the algae drying plant of the group's new green base to understand the raw materials and production processes of the company's products. Later, he visited the company's provincial-level enterprise engineering technology research center and had a cordial exchange with the group's vice chairman Guo Dongxu. Leaders expressed their high appreciation for the natural safety of the company's products and the diversity of application fields; at the same time, the company's development scale and Fully affirm the contribution made by the local economy.



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