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Greenfresh Group employee activity center is officially open!

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In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and meet the learning needs of employees, with the strong support of the group leaders, after a period of preparation, the Greenfresh Group employee activity center was officially opened in July!
    There is an employee activity room, reading room, projection room/training room under the employee activity center./
The staff activity room is equipped with table tennis tables, snooker (billiards), multi-function fitness equipment and other equipment. Opening hours: 16:00-22:00 P.M.:16:00-22:00 P.M.  
The reading room is equipped with hundreds of newspapers, magazines and books, including management, food technology, life, literature and other books, which greatly meets the learning needs of employees. Opening hours: Every Thursday 19:00-21:0019:00-21:00(Employees can borrow books as required)
The projection room/training room is equipped with projectors and other imaging equipment, and will regularly broadcast popular movies, training lectures, safety education videos, etc. for employees. Broadcasting time: Every Thursday 19:30-21:00
The employee activity center is located on the 1st floor of the dormitory building of Greenfresh Base 1#
It is reported that the employee activity room is another new initiative of the company following the establishment of the employee activity venue in the "Tianyu Badminton Hall", which creates a good environment for employees to further carry out learning and cultural and sports activities. The completion and use of the activity room reflects the company's emphasis on the needs of employees and the health and spiritual culture of employees. It has become another gas station for employees to broaden their horizons, strengthen their health, and enrich their lives.

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