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Greenfresh Group celebrates the "May Day" employee sports activities

Release date:2017-05-04 14:16Viewed:
    In order to celebrate the "May 1" International Labor Day, enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, and further promote corporate culture construction, on April 29, the Greenfresh Group Management Center, the Party branch of the Group, and the Group Trade Union jointly organized the "May 1." series Cultural and sports activities. This event has received great care and support from the Youth League Committee and Trade Union in Zini Town, Longhai City, and I sincerely thank you. 
     The cultural and sports activities include four items: basketball, badminton, chess and tug of war. In the group project, the participating teams united and cooperated with each other, interpreting the strong cohesion of the collective; in the individual project, the participants used their enthusiasm and hard work to show their personal style.
During the competition, the referees were fair and just, and the punishment was accurate. The contestants fully carried forward the sporting spirit of "friendship first, competition second", and discussed and exchanged with each other, showing a good style of


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