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Zhangzhou "two studies and one do" supervision team visited our company for investigation and supervision

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On the morning of July 11, 2017, members of the Zhangzhou "two studies, one do" supervision team-the Talent Office of the Organization Department of the Zhangzhou Party Committee, the Office of the Organization Department of the Zhangzhou Party Committee, and other leaders in the Longhai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Zini Town Party Committee and other relevant leaders Accompanied by, came to our company to carry out investigation and supervision work. 

    The supervision group first listened carefully to the report of the party branch secretary of Hongxin Group Hong Qinglin on the construction of our party branch and the implementation of the central, provincial and municipal Party Central Branch, the basic situation of the "two studies and one do" learning education in the party branch; The branch organized learning, activity development, recording materials, etc., fully affirmed the content and actual results of the company’s party branch’s "two studies and one action" related topic learning and education activities, and cultivated a new green party branch non-public party building in the Zini Town Party Committee. The advanced model made a high evaluation, hoping that the Green New Party branch will play the main role and basic functions of the party branch, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and innovative vitality of the party branch and the majority of party members, and make due contributions to the healthy development of the company.
    During the investigation, the leader of the Talent Office of the Organization Department of the Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee had a cordial conversation with the general manager of the Group, Mr. Chen Chuiye, and expressed appreciation for the scale and level of our company's talents and the company's contribution to the development of Zhangzhou's economy and society. At the same time, it is pointed out that high-level talents are the source of enterprise innovation and development. The company's scientific research and innovation strength is the most solid guarantee for the company's growth and development. It proclaims the relevant policies of the provinces and cities to support the introduction of high-level talents by enterprises, and hopes that our company will make full use of the province. The city's relevant talent policy actively introduces high-level talents needed for its own business development to help the company's healthy and sustainable development.

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