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Indonesian Consul General in Guangzhou and his delegation visited Greenfresh Group

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On the afternoon of September 18, the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Guangzhou Ms. Fei Fei (third from right) and Consul Mr. Vega (second from left) and their entourage paid a special visit to Greenfresh Group and had a cordial and friendly exchange with the chairman of the group, Mr. Chen Jinsong. After conscientiously listening to the introduction of Chairman Chen Jinsong, Consul General Yu Fei inquired about the Group’s raw material procurement, product sales, R&D and innovation, overseas investment, etc., highly appraising the economic and social benefits achieved by the Group, and affirmed the Greenfresh The Group's efforts in trade exchanges with Indonesia. She said that Indonesia, as an important country on the Maritime Silk Road, strongly supports the “Belt and Road” strategy advocated by the Chinese government and hopes to take advantage of the “Belt and Road” initiative to make Greenfresh Group's trade with Indonesia closer. Chairman ivan Chan is very grateful to the Indonesian government for its continuous concern and support for Greenfresh Group.


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