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The leaders of Zhangzhou Municipal Government and his party visited the research work of Greenfresh Group

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    On the afternoon of September 18th, the leaders of the Zhangzhou city government visited our company to carry out research work. The chairman of the group, ivan Chan, warmly welcomed the leaders of all levels

After inspecting the trial production site of the second plant of Greenfresh Base, the leaders of the Zhangzhou government held cordial discussions and exchanges with the chairman of the group Chen Jinsong and the vice chairman of Guo Dongxu. The leaders of the Zhangzhou city government fully appreciated and affirmed the actual results achieved by our company and the overall style of the company. We hope that our company will increase confidence, make full use of various government-friendly policies from the central government to the local governments, and keep close to the "ocean economy" The theme is to seize the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” initiative, actively expand the scale, increase the visibility of enterprises and products, and help the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises; and said that in the future, various government departments will continue to increase support to help enterprises transform and upgrade, and achieve better results.


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