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Gather the Shiyan Sea Ethic Land to carry out knowledge exchange of konjac

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In order to better understand the knowledge of konjac, serve product promotion, and provide customers with scientific and innovative technology application solutions, from September 20 to 22, 2017, the group organized some technical and business personnel from the R&D center and marketing center to gather Haiyi. The base held a 3-day "konjac knowledge exchange meeting". Participants visited the standardized production workshop and automated konjac flour production line in Haiti, and had a deep understanding of the growth and value of konjac flour, the processing technology and standards of konjac flour, the characteristics and application of konjac flour, the main indicators and testing of konjac flour And other knowledge.

   Through this exchange meeting, the participating technical and business personnel had a comprehensive and systematic understanding of konjac and konjac products, which laid a good foundation for better marketing, promotion and customer service in the future.

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