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Provincial Economic and Information Commission leaders came to Greenfresh to carry out supervision and investigation

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On the morning of September 22, the leaders of the Fujian Provincial Economic and Informatization Committee, accompanied by the leaders of the Zhangzhou Municipal Government, came to the Group to carry out inspections and surveys of key provincial industrial work in the third quarter of 2017. The Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the city leaders visited the workshop and product showroom of the second plant of the group's Greenfresh base. They had a cordial conversation with Guo Dongxu, the vice chairman of the group, to understand the progress of the expansion project, product sales, development planning and corporate appeals. The department fully affirmed the role played by the key industrial sectors and regional economic development, and said that relevant departments at all levels should strengthen security, effectively solve problems for enterprises, cooperate with enterprises to promote development, and make new contributions to the social and economic development of Zhangzhou. Vice Chairman Guo Dongxu is very grateful to the governments and leaders at all levels for their long-term care and support for the enterprise.

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