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Greenfresh Group's "World Safe Production and Health Day" series of activities

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In 2001, the International Labour Organization (ILO) officially designated April 28 as the "World Work Safety and Health Day" and as the official United Nations anniversary. The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and the Global Federation of Trade Unions developed it into a global activity and extended its scope to every workplace.

In order to improve the production and life safety awareness of all employees, create a safe atmosphere and environment, regulate the company's production safety, improve the ability of employees to assess safety risks, and comprehensively improve the level of safety production management. The centers and subsidiaries of Greenfresh Group held a series of safety days with the theme of "Safety is no small matter, every risk should be prevented" on April 28, World Work Safety and Health Day.


By hanging safety promotion banners in the company, watching production safety and traffic safety videos, identification of safety hazards, work-related accidents, occupational disease health, epidemic prevention health and other safety culture propaganda methods, we have comprehensively created a "learning safety knowledge, keeping the red line of safety, and being safe Responsibilities, enjoy a healthy life" good atmosphere

The production workshop director and the safety administrator jointly conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of the factory area, production workshop, living area and office building, check the on-site safety hazards, post safety signs, warning signs, etc., and check whether the employees' coats and labor protection protective wear are in compliance Standards to create a safe working environment.

The content of the competition covers safety production laws and regulations, safety systems, technical knowledge, operating procedures, safety standardization management manuals, traffic safety, epidemic prevention health and fire safety, etc., and comprehensively examines the players' mastery and understanding of safety knowledge.

Each participating team actively and actively answered questions, and the competition process was intense and intense; through competition activities, the employees' safety knowledge was enriched and safety awareness was improved.

Safe for everyone, happiness every day!
Let us work together to protect health and safety!



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