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The Vice Chairman of the Longhai CPPCC and other leaders visited our company for inspection and guidance

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On the morning of June 22, Vice Chairman Lu Hui of the Longhai Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and Director Hong Yazhi of the Longhai Municipal Oceanic and Fishery Bureau came to our company for investigation, inspection and guidance. He has visited our R&D center successively, listened to our company's business situation, and visited the production workshop. During the inspection, General Manager Chen Chuiye of Greenfresh Group and Vice President Wu Yuanhang introduced in detail our company's product development, industrial development, production and operation, and progress of project construction, etc., and gave detailed answers to the issues of concern to all leaders. Lu Hui, vice chairman of the CPPCC, made important instructions on food safety and the construction of our talent team.

  By visiting the production workshop, the leaders have a further understanding of our product production process, and fully affirmed the production environment created by our company and the use of modern automatic production equipment to seize the opportunities for innovation. And give instructions to our company's next development. In the future, we will give full play to the advantages of Longhai's marine and coastline resources, transform the marine and fishery economic growth mode, optimize the industrial structure, consolidate the foundation of marine economic industry development, and vigorously develop the marine economy. We hope that our company can make persistent efforts in the research on the high value-added of the ocean, and continue to increase the intensity of innovation and development.


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