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The mayor of Longhai City and other leaders visited Greenfresh Group for investigation and guidance

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  On the afternoon of July 6th, Mayor He Caicheng of Longhai City, accompanied by the party secretary of Zini Town and the mayor, and other leaders, inspected the development of our company. During the investigation, General Manager eddie Chan of Greenfresh Group introduced to leaders in detail the development of our company's industrialized collaborative innovation, product research and development centers, and the development status of our company's projects; Deputy General Manager Wu Yuanhang of the Group reviewed the company's operating status, honors and qualifications and Business needs are presented one by one. The company's development, technical level and talent cultivation have been recognized by the leaders present. After listening to the report, the Mayor of Longhai City emphasized that the technical level of Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is leading. The company can maintain sustainable development during the economic downturn and it is valuable. Hope that the company will continue to walk in technology in the future Forefront, continue to grow and develop. For enterprise development, the government will give the greatest support to help solve the worries of enterprise development.


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