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Greenfresh Group 2016 Excellent Staff Commendation Meeting

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On January 12, 2017, Greenfresh Group grandly held the "Greenfresh Group 2016 Outstanding Staff Recognition and 2017 Spring Festival Gala" in the Longhai Diamond Hotel. The recognition of the 50 outstanding employees of the Group in 2016 fully demonstrated the people-oriented management philosophy of Greenfresh Group, and also reflected the strong cohesion and centripetal force of the Greenfresh team.

Group General Manager Mr. Chen Chuiye gave a speech, fully affirming the achievements of Greenfresh Group in 2016, and sincerely thanking all the employees of the group for their contributions over the past year and offering the most sincere blessings for the Spring Festival!
Group General Manager Mr. eddie Chan delivered a New Year speech
  That night, the chairman of the group, Mr. Chen Jinzhu, the vice chairman of the board, Mr. Guo Dongxu, the general manager, Mr. Chen Chuiye, and the deputy general manager, Mr.  Wentong Guo, took the stage to issue certificates and 9999K pure gold medals to outstanding employees. In addition, Mr. Wu Yuanhang, deputy general manager of the group, read out the commendation order.
Greenfresh Group's 2016 outstanding employee award order
Greenfresh Group 2016 Excellent Staff List
Mr. Yuanyuan Wu, Vice President of the Group, read out the commendation order
Group leaders and outstanding employees
9999K pure gold medal
All the employees were very encouraged. After the meeting, they all expressed that they should follow these outstanding employees as an example, better do their jobs in 2017, and continue to work hard for the bright future of Greenfresh Group!

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