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Add a little green to the earth, we are in action | Greenfresh Group Arbor Day

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In March of spring, the earth recovers, and full of vitality. The Arbor Day, which symbolizes green life, has also arrived.

In order to spread the concept of environmental protection, create a green environment with blue sky and clear water, increase understanding of plant growth, and enhance awareness of environmental protection, on March 12, the centers and bases of Greenfresh group held a "Add a little green to the earth, we are in action" "Arbor Day thematic activities.

Group managers and employees gathered at the door of the Luqi base factory, queued up for body temperature testing, registration, disinfection, and inspection of masks, and then went to the event site in turn.

The logistics staff prepares the saplings, tools, gloves, etc. needed for planting trees.

At the beginning of the event, the director of the management center and the deputy general manager of the Luqi Base expressed their expectations for the event, publicizing the benefits of afforestation and the importance of environmental protection.



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