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Greenfresh Base launches new employee training exchange meeting in March

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On March 18th, the Human Resources Administration Department of Greenfresh Base organized the "New Employee Quality and Safety Training" and "New Employee Exchange Meeting". This training and exchange meeting has a target attendance of 29 people, an actual attendance of 28 people, and an attendance rate of 96.5 %.

In the training session, the in-trainers of the group conducted the "New Employee Quality Knowledge Training" and "New Employee Onboarding Safety Training" for new employees to improve employees' awareness of the importance of product quality, enhance safety awareness, and clarify the main points of safety hazards and attention during work matter.

After the training meeting, the Ministry of Human Resources and Management organized a new employee exchange meeting, warming up with group games to grab water bottles, fun guessing punches, and post book transfer games, and started the exchange journey in laughter and laughter. At the exchange meeting, a publicity video of Greenfresh Group was broadcast, introducing employees the development history of Greenfresh Group and Greenfresh Base, company products and other information. Through the exchange meeting, the employees' understanding of Greenfresh Group and Greenfresh Base was further deepened, and the ways in which they encountered problems in work and life could be solved, so that the employees felt the warmth of the Greenfresh family!




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