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Beautiful China, Greenfresh in Action

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In order to enhance the fitness awareness and environmental awareness of employees, respond to the national theme of environmental protection and healthy development, and demonstrate the company's corporate social responsibility and the positive spirit of all employees, Greenfresh Group held the "Beautiful China" on December 7, 2019. , Greenfresh in Action" as the theme of the association activities.

The route of this event is the gathering of Greenfresh Group-running to the Tianyi General Administration of Chuan Village-rest-running back to Beigang Bridge-environmental protection activities-returning to the company, 1.5 hours long.

Before the start of the event, the management center led the members of the association to conduct a warm-up before running, and introduced the process and precautions of this event.

After the warm-up, the management center will lead the members of the association to start and return; the members of the association demonstrate the team spirit of never giving up during the activity. Each member is full of spirit, perseverance, mutual encouragement, and courage to move forward with a strong tenacity.7 The ultimate challenge of kilometers.

When running to the Beigang Bridge, each member of the association collects garbage bags and disposable gloves to carry out garbage collection and environmental protection charity activities; everyone is enthusiastic, they are not afraid of being dirty or tired, wearing gloves and carrying garbage bags along the river and Beigang Bridge, carefully pick up plastic bags, beverage bottles, food bags, waste paper towels, etc. on the ground; form a unique landscape! Through garbage collection environmental protection activities, not only beautify the scenery along the river and the bridge, but also promote the advocacy of civilization, pay attention to hygiene, compliance Moral behavior.

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