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Greenfresh Group Performance Evaluation Startup Meeting

Release date:2019-09-29 14:28Viewed:
On September 29, 2019, Greenfresh Group organized a monthly performance appraisal kick-off meeting.
Participants came from the Group's management center and various bases, including the management center, Greenfresh base, Lvqi base, Xiamen Lvqi, Lvbao base, Haiyi, and Shanghai Lvqi.

In the kick-off meeting, the director of the management center explained the composition of the monthly awards for the personnel of the performance evaluation system, the calculation formula and evaluation principle of the monthly bonus, and the guidelines for the implementation of the monthly bonus evaluation.
A case analysis of the monthly award calculation method was carried out, allowing field personnel to calculate the monthly award results, and through example exercises to deepen everyone's understanding of performance assessment.
Responded to the questions raised by everyone, and clarified the purpose of performance evaluation.
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