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Greenfresh's "Focus on Execution, I Share" keynote speech contest was successfully held

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On November 29, 2019, a speech contest with the theme of "Focus on Execution, I Share" was held in the training room of the second plant of the Greenfresh Base.
A total of seven contestants participated in the speech contest. The contestants were from the production center, quality center, research and development center, project development center, Greenfresh base and Lvqi base.

At the beginning of the competition, the host introduced the speech contest judges and gave a brief overview of the speech contest rules.
Afterwards, seven contestants made their appearances in succession according to the order of lottery. Around the theme of "Focus on Execution, I share", they gave wonderful speeches with emotional and passionate voices and shared their own and team's execution stories Impact and change on yourself and the team.

After a fierce competition, the top three in this speech contest were finally selected; the project development center contestants won this speech contest for their full feelings, passionate expression, rich body language, fluent off-paper expression and delicate text First place. The competitors of Greenfresh Base and Luqi Base won the second and third place respectively; the judges awarded award certificates and bonuses to the winners.

Individual efficient execution means that individuals turn goals and ideas into actions and actions into results. There is no excuse to complete tasks with quality and quantity.
Efficient team execution is the satisfaction, accuracy and speed of continuously transforms strategic decisions into results, which can show the combat effectiveness, competitiveness and cohesion of the entire team.
An excellent executor and an excellent executive team will work hard to find ways to solve the problem when encountering difficulties, so as to complete the task outstandingly.
Improve execution, start with each of us!

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