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HR, a subsidiary of the group, went online at the same time,

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There is always an expectation that never falls;
There is always an expectation that haunts my heart all day long;
There is always an expectation before he lowers his eyebrows, but has his heart in mind.
All good starts during this period are limited to your coming.

The age of resource sharing,
Greenfresh Group keeps up with the trend of the times,
Strive to build a high-quality high-end platform,
Jointly promote the recruitment of the group.
HR, a subsidiary of the group, went online at the same time,
Recruitment work is fully covered.
If you are courageous, courageous, and capable,
Greenfresh will be a rare high platform in your career,
A smooth green channel will open for you soon.

Group's local recruitment hotline:
18020668663 (WeChat same number)
Address: Zini Anshan Industrial Park, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province
Telephone: 0596-6508688
Contact: Ms. Li
Mainly used for staff recruitment in the center of the group (above manager level)

Greenfresh Base Recruitment Hotline:
18020698363 (same number on WeChat)
Address: Zini Anshan Industrial Park, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province
Telephone: 0596-6508688-6688
Contact: Ms. Huang
Mainly used for daily recruitment of Greenfresh production base

LvQi Base Recruitment Hotline:
18105963826 (the same number on WeChat)
Address: Jiaomeneting Industrial Park, Taiwanese Investment Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province
Telephone: 0596-6768668-802
Contact: Ms. Lin
Mainly used for daily recruitment work of Luqi production base

Recruitment Hotline of Lvbao Base: 0595-88090766
Address: Yonghe Maoting Industrial Zone, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province

Haiyidi Recruitment Hotline: 0719-8769188
Address: Pulin Industrial Zone, Maojian District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province

LvQi(Xiamen) Base Recruitment Hotline: 0592-5213819
Address: Golden Bay Fortune Center, 1000 Anling Road, Huli District, Xiamen

East Gulf Base Recruitment Hotline: 0596-6896622
Address: Doumi Village, Gangwei Town, Longhai City, Fujian Province
Greenfresh Group is a hydrocolloid R&D and production enterprise invested by Hong Kong Green (China) Technology Development Co., Ltd. in mainland China, specializing in the development of food colloids-carrageenan, agar, konjac gum and their compound products. The group sets up six wholly-owned subsidiaries and is headquartered in Anshan Industrial Park, Zini Town, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. It is the first technology-intensive national level in China to start the research and production of food colloids and its modification, and is at the forefront of industry development. high-tech enterprises.
For Greenfresh Group, 2018 is the year when the horn of rushing sounded on the road to the new venture, and it was a year of hard work and hard work for all Greenfresh people. Important good news is emerging one after another, and the Group's development is booming. At this moment, the Luqi base expanded its production scale. The second phase of the project is now fully completed and the demand for talent is also increasing. In order to meet the above-mentioned conditions, we need to recruit talents to the society, and a good vision is also ready to go. At the same time, the group's HR went online at the same time to jointly help the Luqi base expand its influence and recruit people with lofty ideals. In the era of big data, resource sharing has galloped.
The road is long, and I will search up and down. All the green couples will not forget their original intentions, forge ahead, and draw a new blueprint for the future with a new spiritual outlook.
People from all walks of life are welcome to join Greenfresh to achieve a great cause!


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