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Strengthen education and training to help employees grow

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  During the development of Greenfresh Group, it has always been committed to creating a "learning" team and creating a learning atmosphere in its work. On the afternoon of June 17, 2017, the group held a "5M1E" management thinking training for employees of the human administrative system in the multi-functional conference room. Mr. Wang Xueming, the management consultant of the management center, serves as an internal lecturer, and applies the "5M1E" analysis method of product quality management to human administrative work.

         The main content of this training is to cultivate employees' awareness of learning, understand the importance of learning, and master the learning methods and skills.
     In the future, the company will practice the "learning, growth and value" practical management concept, continue to do a good job in staff training, promote various training activities, improve the comprehensive quality and ability of employees, improve management efficiency, and better create jobs Value together to achieve company goals!

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