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Greenfresh Group Communication Meeting and Employee Birthday Event

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In order to achieve effective communication between employees and company management, effectively help employees solve problems in work and life, create a good corporate culture atmosphere, and enhance employees' sense of belonging; at the same time, let employees better understand the company's future development strategy and direction To mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees, the centers and bases of the Greenfresh Group held bi-monthly communication meetings and employee birthday events from April 24 to 26.

The agenda of this communication meeting included 7 links including group major events, rewards and recognition, safety and quality review, disciplinary notification, development of corporate culture, improvement of human administration, and on-site employee interaction (questions). In the communication meeting, the person in charge of the event gave detailed answers to the various questions raised by everyone about work and life on the spot, which was recognized by everyone.

After the communication meeting, the group and each base held a birthday party. Exquisite cakes and gifts were prepared for the birthday employees. Everyone sang birthday greetings. The birthday stars made sincere wishes around the cake and made employees feel green. The warmth of Greenfresh group.




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