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Market structure

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Seaweed hydrophilic colloid, konjac gum and their compound products produced by us are widely used in meat products, dairy products, jelly, soft candy, cold drinks, beverages, beer, daily chemicals, etc., as well as extended industrial chains, such as agar-agar products applied in biochemical medicine with high value.

At present, the main marketing services of the savoury group, sweet group, key customer group, and high-end dairy product group have been formed in mainland China. The international market has formed four major marketing (services) in Southeast Asia, America, Northeast Asia, and Far East Region, market coverage and sales are among the best in the global industry.

We established a marketing (service) center in the international port city of Xiamen, China.

We has established a number of specialized terminal product laboratories and pilot workshops, based on technology and guaranteed by service innovation. According to the customer's production, process, formula, goal and other requirements, tailored to provide customers with a variety of high-quality products and product application technology services.

We has participated in many domestic and international large-scale exhibitions, and our outstanding technical strength and strong team cohesion have been fully demonstrated at the exhibition, which has achieved high attention in the industry and a lot of media attention.

We have established long-term and stable partnerships with many domestic and foreign finished food companies, and we have continuously won praise from the international and domestic markets and the whole society, and is deeply trusted by customers.

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