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Greenfresh established a diversified professional R&D center.

The R&D center is composed of application R&D department, single-ingredient standardization R&D department, and innovative R&D department.

The monomer standardization R&D department specialized in the manufacturing process of various hydrocolloids, deep processing of single-ingredients, and research and development of new hydrocolloids.

The innovative R&D department specialized in innovative applications.

The application R&D department has more than 2,000 square meters of laboratory with various high-end food pilot equipment and testing instruments. And professional engineers specialized in different applications, including soft candies, jelly, meat products, cold drinks, dairy products beverages, jams, baking and cereal products, daily necessities and pet foods. The R&D team can provide customized application technology solutions for global food processing enterprises, based on specific requirements of customers.



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