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GreenFresh Group has an experienced technical team and independent R&D center, by using natural seaweed extracts and other high quality ingredients, we provide high quality and safe products and customized solutions to customers.



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2023 GREENFRESH | JOIN US FOR A FUN SPORTS MEETING Spring changed into summer. On May 6th, Greenfresh conducted a fun sports meeting with the slogan of "Fresh & Happy" on the playground at Humao Secondary School in Zini Town. Along with the CEO Chen Jinchong, the Deputy General Managers of Greenfresh and LvQi Group, the heads of each group center, and invited visitor Xu Wuqiang who is the principal of the school, all attended the ceremony. President Chen addressed a significant speech and wished the meeting every success at the opening ceremony. Admission The national flag guards, factory flag guards, referee team, and the squares made up of each participating team walked across the rostrum in turn while being accompanied by the majestic march of athletes. The teams passed the rostrum with energy and moved with ordered steps, thoroughly embodying the good spirit of Greenfresh. Opening Ceremony Following the admission ceremony with amazing enthusiasm and energy, the energetic opening performance began. It was a visual treatment that filled the green field full of vibrancy and life. Basketball Game | Fun Sports | 400m Relay | Tug of War Each cheerleader waved a flag outside the stadium and encouraged the athletes, while volunteers worked hard on showing the meaning of the service spirit through their deeds, and the referees did their jobs diligently and responsibly to ensure that the games were conducted in a fair and orderly manner. Closing Ceremony After a full day of intense and fair competition, the event achieved complete success and triumphantly end. All the prizes recognized the participants' dedication and efforts in the games, the staff's togetherness and hard work, and Greenfresh’s excellent spirit. In the bargain, leaders and managers awarded the winners for the series games of May Day. The personnel of the group not only increased their physical fitness and camaraderie through the event, but it also encouraged communication and solidarity among all departments. Greenfresh will continue to advance to high-quality development by carrying on the sport spirit that includes persistence, unity, and the spirit of overcoming difficulties in the future!
May 09, 2023
tips The 20th China International Meat Industry Exhibition came to a successful conclusion
The 20th China International Meat Industry Exhibition came to a successful conclusion The 20th CIMIE grandly opened at Qingdao cosmopolitan exposition on April 20th, 2023. Through good preparation, Greenfresh showed up as scheduled, introducing the meat product we developed individually to global merchants who came to consult. We exchanged information and shared views on the innovation and upgrading research of meat products with people of the same trade, and had further knowledge about product development and structural adjustment from advanced fellow enterprises. Under the new trend of consumption, Greenfresh Group strives to promote industry technology upgrading and enables high-quality development in the meat industry. As an enterprise focusing on research and development of texture solutions for meat products, we exhibited multiple innovative products, which were recognized by domestic or overseas visitors in the exhibition. our developed thickeners specialized in fish mince products have been awarded as the most popular product in China International Meat Industry Week Holding enthusiasm, concentration, and sincerity with every client at the exhibition site, our professional team offered free samples and overall answers, which let more potential partners experience our vivacity, while we gained multifaceted needs and feedback. GreenFresh will always forge ahead with our original intent, being committed to providing special texture solutions and deep into the meat industry, providing high-value services and support to our customers.
Apr 24, 2023
tips GreenFresh Group 2023 FIC Rang Down The Curtain
GreenFresh Group 2023 FIC Rang Down The Curtain, Looking Forward To Getting Together Again In The Coming Year! Shanghai FIC exhibition successfully concluded last Friday. The exhibition brought together more than 1500 well-known companies from all over the world, showcasing cutting-edge innovation trends and future direction in the food additives and ingredients industry. Since the end of the coronavirus disease, We met again with the regular customers we haven't seen in ages at the exhibition, meanwhile, we made acquaintance with quite a few new customers. Sharing industry experiences and way more, we gained a new understanding of customer needs and development in the market, moreover, further clarifying the future direction and prospects of the hydrophilic colloid field. The exhibition was rewarding. From the selection of product ingredients to the blending of flavors, from a single texture to a combination of multiple textures, we have always been committed to providing our valued customers with worthwhile and suitable plant-based product solutions. Product Recommendation Exhibition Site Thank you for your trust and support over the years. Facing an increasingly complex market environment, we will stay true to ourselves, always dedicate ourselves to the hydrophilic colloid industry, and provide highly valued services and support to all our customers consistently. Looking forward to our meeting next time!
Mar 20, 2023
tips Follow-Up After The Chinese New Year Holiday
Dear valued customers, After the warm and harmonious Spring Festival holiday, we assure you that our company has officially resumed the production of carrageenan, agar, and konjac and provided solutions. All our teams have back to proper functioning and recovery supply and delivery. In addition, we kick off new research and development, fully carrying forward ongoing projects. Welcome to call business negotiations or online consultation! As is known to all, our company always adheres to the ideology of "customer first, reputation first" for customers. We will be as in the past, hard-working ahead in a new way, and dedicating ourselves to providing green, safe, healthy, high-quality products and satisfied services for global people. We look forward to working together in a year full of hope, opportunities, and challenges with full enthusiasm. Season's greetings and best wishes for the New Year.
Jan 29, 2023
tips Kuncheng Lin In GreenFresh Group Won The "Innovation Star"
The Senior Engineer Kuncheng Lin In GreenFresh Group Won The Title Of "Innovation Star" In Zhangzhou In 2022 Recently, the Office of the Leading Group of Talent Work of the CPC Zhangzhou Municipal Committee issued the candidate list for the "Double Innovation Star" (Zhangzhou Committee Talent Office [2022] No. 20) in Zhangzhou City in 2022. The senior Engineer Kuncheng Lin in GreenFresh Group was awarded the title of "Innovation Star" of Zhangzhou City in 2022. It is reported that the title of "Double Innovation Star" is selected from the leading talents and high-level entrepreneurial and innovative teams with good prospects for industrial development, leading R&D level, and breakthroughs in technological research in Zhangzhou City, which needs to go through the process of organizational declaration, qualification examination, material evaluation, on-site defense, and on-site investigation. This year, five talents were awarded the title of " Innovation Star" in Zhangzhou City. The reward fully affirmed and recognized the ability of independent innovation in the field of marine food for GreenFresh Group, which will further motivate our company to carry on taking efforts in technological innovation, team building, talent training, platform construction, and other aspects. Meanwhile, Kuncheng Lin expressed great honor after earning this recognition, "Thanks to the trust and recognition from Zhangzhou Municipal Government, relevant departments, and the community, and also grateful to the long-term trust and cultivation of the leadership of the company". Under the cultivation of GreenFresh Group, we believe that Lin will live up to the honor and continue to innovate in the field of marine bio-extraction technology and high-value product application to develop more quality products to serve human beings.
Nov 30, 2022
Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. Today we celebrate our 3rd anniversary with a global commitment to our purpose of facilitating people choose healthy and nutritious raw materials, empowering people to possess healthy food right. We are well positioned to become the global green and fresh food leader by winning in carrageenan, agar, konjac, and their relevant food. To forge healthy food for human projects, and provide customers with product applications and solutions. GreenFresh would like to thank every customer, investor, partner, and employee for your support and our colleagues along the way. It is you who have jointly cast our successful history and future possibilities.
Oct 17, 2022
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